Monday, January 07, 2013

The Week in Eats!

I had intended a 'real' blog post for today, but... ummm... I got caught up this evening in my new hobby.  

I've accidentally become involved in researching my genealogy and am finding it madly interesting.  I'm a little obsessed. I already have an enormous family tree going back to the beginnings of my grandfather's family name, but those were wealthy people that were early adopters of literacy, and apparently compulsive recorders of.. everything (see? blogging is genetic). Other parts of my lineage are far less crystalline.

I'm currently hot on the trail of my maternal great great grandmother.  Unfortunately, she has complicated the issue a lot by having babies in random (and overlapping) order to what looks like three different men and neglecting to put the father's names or her maiden name on the birth certificates. Also, she couldn't decide if her name was Mary Agnes, Agnes Mary, Bridget Mary or Bridget Agnes Mary.  Then the kids decided to annoy me by doing such things as taking their middle name as their surname and changing surnames between electoral rolls.

Finally, about 1914 both Great-great Grandma and hubby vanish from the records.   Is it any wonder I'm such a confused soul?

Is anyone else into this sort of history sleuthing? I'm finding it just as much fun as reading a novel.

Eats! I have been doing a lot of it because training has been cranked up a notch. Confession: tonight I ate microwave popcorn for dinner. This doesn't happen often, but I was... unable to leave my computer ;-/ 

More almond cheeses. I experimented with adding crushed garlic half way through fermentation and this worked very well.

Pre-Workout carbing up.

Herby Eggs with nut cheese.

Todays herby eggs with sauerkraut. I grated pecorino on the eggs before flipping. It made a delicious cheesy crust.

The nut cheeses in the CHEESE drawer. Where they belong.
I'll be back for a blog post tomorrow, but for now I gotta rush. Erm... stuff to do. Urgent stuff.

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  1. My sister is into genealogy, has been for decades - do you know how hard, expensive and time-consuming it was prior to the advent of the internet? I once spent a whole afternoon trying to find one of our great-grandfathers in the local library microfische records. His name? John Smith. O_o

    She's now traced one branch back to the 1400s and is finding some interesting stuff. She spent yesterday with a third cousin we didn't know existed, trawling through a cemetary. Fun!

    By the way, we have heaps of cousins in Christchurch and surrounding areas, thanks to my NZ-born maternal grandfather. We may be related! :D


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