Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seeking Melatonin #2 and The Clothes Chuck

After reading up on, which has lots of good info for bad sleepers like me, I decided that my life really requires some blue blocker sunglasses.

Apparently these were all the thing way back when, but this doesn't make them any cheaper now, unfortunately.  After visiting several Optometrists, and getting the 'huh?' response, I dropped in to the Sunglass Hut, and was pounced on by a bouncy salesgirl that knew the lingo and did not consider me a weirdo. That last bit is assumed.

As I'm an easy sell, I parted with my $220 (!) and walked out with a pair of Serengeti whiz bang "Spectral Control" glasses. When I wear them, those in the know will perceive I'm insomniac, and everyone else will just think I'm a serial killer.

Sara, get thee to a hairdresser..

The idea is to plonk these on my face in the early evening and thus reduce all blue light even if I have to confront nasty artificial bulbs. They are actually 'amber' and very light when being worn indoors.

Let's see how it goes.  I was up easily at 7.30 this morning, and that's new.

Now I must get going as I am in the middle of dealing with something.

I made this pile at 8 a.m today while trying to find something decent to wear to work.

Tonight, I have decided enough.  The problem is that 75% of the stuff on this pile doesn't fit me. It's either too big, or too small (bought because 'I'll be able to wear it when I'm thinner'). Lately, I have realised this thinking is stoooopido.

The thing is.. I have lost quite a bit of weight, BUT, this has not turned me into a boobless stick.  So, a number of those things I thought I'd wear when I lost weight still don't fit, because I've lost the most weight in my middle part and hips (i.e those clothes still cling unflatteringly in the 'chest area' or have gaping buttons but are loose everywhere else).  I'm never going to be flatchested, just like some women are always going to have larger hips. That's just genetics (thank you, Grandma) and it's time to stop fighting it.

So, I'm culling. If it doesn't fit me NOW, it's going. I want to reach into my closet and touch something I can actually put on and feel good in, not something that's going to give me mirror cringe. If I need more clothes later, I'll go shopping. One weekend with Kek in Melbourne would get me sorted on that front.

Time to harden my heart and give the Sally Army shop a great day. :D

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  1. Well if I was in Chch I'd come raid your pile. Not that I'm currently flat-chested mind you, breastfeeding sees to that! won't last beyond the milking phase though...sigh.


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