Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hydrate, hydrate! A Visual

Apparently, New Zealand's weather is 'four seasons in one day'. This week, the phenomenon is in full swing. This is some craaazy weather!

Mostly it's deleriously hot, but last night the clouds blew in and it rained right through to morning.  On Monday the temps dropped to the point of jersey-wearing. Currently it's 26C (78F), but with a feisty breeze jostling the trees around. 

Every living thing around here: humans, cats, plants, suddenly need/s a lot more water. I've filled the cats' bowl three times today (must obtain a bigger one for next week when I'm not here) and I'm on my third litre.

Extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) are a challenge for the human body, and staying hydrated helps us cope.  Water plays a role in internal temperature control (thermoregulation), maintenance of blood pressure, nutrient transport and removal of toxins.  Even slight dehydration can leave you feeling like my courgette (zucchini) plant looked 15 minutes ago:

I'm feeling all droopy and unmotivated, just don't feel like making any more courgettes today..
Ohmygod, says I, and put on my water can hero undies.  Ten minutes later:
Woohooo! Let's get on with it!
I was going to make a rude joke about this plant always being pleased to see me, but no matter how I word it, it sounds lame

The courgette plants certainly achieve. This thing was half the size yesterday. 

Here's another one. We've been picking one or two every day. 

I'm thinking zucchini cake for tomorrow night. I'm long overdue for a Foodie Friday.

Do you have a favourite courgette/zucchini recipe?
If so, please comment me (and, if you DO comment, be sure to link to your blog, website twitter, facebook if you have one. I believe in returning the comment love).


  1. Wow, I would never have thought to grow zucchini in a pot.... they look so good :)

    I always make zucchini fritters for Viper/Misty... just grated zucchini (squeeze out liquid) feta cheese (or almond cheese!) salt, pepper, fresh dill and enough egg so the fritters will hold together. Serve with smoked salmon and cream fraiche spiked with horse radish :)

    1. We did that because last year the zucchini didn't survive because of the weather. In pots we can move them when it gets too cold. However.. they are loving it and might need bigger pots.. ;) I will make those fritters. Suggested it to Jase and he gave me the thumbs up.

  2. That is one hell of a zucchini Sara - the last one I used was in the spaceship - vegetable stock concentrate! I like those deep fried zucchini flowers (scuttles away in shame)

    1. I'm growing one a big bigger so that I can do a stuffed zucchini. It really is growing fast though. It's not exaggerating to say it doubles in size every day. No wonder the poor plant gets all droopy. I saw fried zucchini flowers once on 'River Cottage'. That's definitely an idea. No shame around here! We know fried stuff is gooooood.

  3. Oh it has to be zucchini chocolate cake of course! I use an Alison Holst recipe. Yum. And of course there's always zucchini lemon curd - just like lemon curd only no butter or eggs. Piles of sugar though...damn! I make the wee feta fritters too, they're great.

    1. Fritters happened. :D Zucchini chocolate cake is next up. Did we always say 'zucchini'? I don't think so. It was always a courgette, wasn't it?

  4. I love zucchini, but rarely use it these days (for shame!) It adds oomph to coleslaw (cabbage, carrot & zucchini, then just add dressing); Great in all kinds of fritters; Baked into an eggy slice; and one of my favourite cakes (hmm, will have to find that recipe).


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