Friday, January 04, 2013

Herby Eggs


Like most people I know, my 2013 started with a little health kick. In my case, it's just a matter of getting back to the veges and whole foods, avoiding sugar, re-kicking the caffeine habit (although I'm holding at 1 or 2 espresso's a day) and reviving the exercise mojo.

I have some other goals for the year, but the big one is being organised, de-cluttering my life and reducing the stress.  I want chill, calm, relaxed and on top of things, not frazzled, over-busy and under a pile of life. 

What could be more relaxing than gathering herbs and cooking something healthful? Grubbing around in the herb garden is instant zen, even when the back-fence neighbour is playing something loud and operatic. Sometimes he dances, but let's not judge.

Today's 'recipe' (which probably stretches the definition a bit) is a sort of not-omelette that reminds me of travelling. In the Czech Republic / Hungary / Austria area, there is usually a breakfast menu item called 'omelette with green herbs' (or sometimes 'eggs with green herbs'), which is exactly as it sounds.  The amount of 'herbs' varies. Sometimes it's herb heavy, or even packed with spinach, and sometimes it's mostly egg, with a few miniscule green specks and lots of salt. The Republic of Sara version is below:


Start with a handful of fresh herbs.

This selection is mostly oregano, with some garlic chives.

Finely cut the herbs. I've got these nifty scissors that do the job swiftly. They are hell to clean, but still one of my fave kitchen things.

Sautee some crushed garlic or onion in oil (I used coconut oil here) until soft. Then add the herbs and let them wilt a little.

Speaking of garlic. I was a doubter, but now I'm a believer. This little metal soap thing does take garlic odours off the hands.  I'm amazed. How does it work? Is it voodoo?

The next step involves nothing more than plonking a few eggs in there. I used 2 small eggs (free range, organic, feather stuck to them with poo, all the good stuff) and an extra egg white.

You could sprinkle with parmesan and finish under the grill, but I just flipped it in a non-stick pan, sprinkled with salt [transferred to the nearest photogenic plate, took a picture], and commenced noshing.

Life as a food blogger always involves a few extra steps between completion and eatin'.

Done. It's not the most sophisticated thing to do with eggs, but it's fresh, summery and takes less than 10 minutes.


The rest of my day involves being a little bit worky and getting in touch with the twenty million emails that are still there in spite of me ignoring them for a week. My mum used to say 'ignore it and it will go away', which I always thought was somewhat flawed advice. I can't think of a single thing that goes away if you ignore it (can you? maybe your waistline, haha), but I wish it were true, especially when it comes to the emails that accumulate if the inbox is not babysat daily.  

Maybe a bulk delete would relax me right down? If only I was brave enough.. ;D  

How is your 2013 looking? Are you kicking off with a health kick? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Misty would LOVE those herby eggs! I have cut out the caffeine cold turkey - ouch my head HURTS.


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