Tuesday, January 01, 2013

**HAPPY NEW YEAR** Pics from our Road Trip


These are in order, apart from the short vid at the end. Enjoy!

Heading out of town in the direction of Kaikoura
Lunch in Cheviot
The magnificent beach beside Kaikoura township
The magnificent Pohutakawa tree (NZ Christmas tree!)
Some magnificent legs I couldn't stop staring at

Notice anything? Dinner in Kaikoura
This looked amazing and cost heaps but... sadly the crayfish was extremely chewy and rubbery with not much flavour.  It was the only let-down of the holiday.
Me recording some vids with that thing you might have noticed previously. We drove North down the coast and found a place to park the van right beside the ocean. It was an amazing setting and we got there just as the sun was fading.
Campervan friendly wine glasses. Deceptively large, I might add. 
Woohooooo! Happy New Year!!! Excuse obscenely placed background feature.. 
Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
The moon was amazing. The photo doesn't really do it justice, but it sat huge and just over the water.
A new year dawns!  
The view from the camper window. 

Time for breakfast and TWO espresso's (it's important to make a firm start on breaking the new years resolutions)
This was divine. It's a bircher muesli cup from the Hislop Organic Cafe.  The oats have been soaked overnight in apple juice. 
 And then.. the long drive home!

 Below is a short video that we made. It's not even 2 minutes long. I mean, I could have given you an entire 20 minutes of rolling ocean, however, it turns out that waves are far more fun to record than to watch back. :D


  1. Oh I LOVE Kaikoura (and Hislops Cafe!) - looks like the perfect way to ring in the New Year.... makes me miss home :(

    Ha I'm giggling about the obscenely placed background feature - classic!

    1. I know. I considered photoshopping it out, but decided to stick with authenticity. ;) Pretty funny.

  2. Lovely! I love the sound of the waves on the rocks, it's like a meditation sequence. Happy new year xxx

    1. You too! 2013 is going to be a goodie!

  3. Nice we were at south bay for the night ..... ps you guys are looking so gourgous

    1. Thanks, I hope your honeymoon was everything you could have wished for!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pics capturing North Canterbury very nicely! Happy 2013 Sara!

  5. Couldn't manage to watch your video, (guess I don't have the right technology) on my computer!


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