Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elite Road National Champs 2013

I know I promised Zucchini Fritters today, but I got distracted by a most important sporting event: the Elite Road National Championships. This high-end race, featuring NZ's top cyclists, caused significant but entertaining delays to the task of feeding my globetrotting mum's love-starved kitty cats. 

The finish line is about 1 minutes walk from her gate and I got the most perfect and unobstructed (also air conditioned) view of the peloton while waiting to leave, and then again when I navigated  a less busy route home and found myself driving on part of the track. There really is something about a group of cyclists zooming past. I can't watch cricket or rugby, but cycling? It's strangely interesting and emotive.

The Programmer, being a keen sports photographer, seized the opportunity to snap some pics of fit cyclists repeatedly tackling hilly Hackthorne Road. I sometimes use this road for sprint training and once is enough. From what I could determine via the Souvenir Booklet, the circular(ish) course took the elite cyclists up there 6 (women) or 10 (men) times. The slacker recreational riders only did it twice.

Here are some pics from the women's race yesterday and the mens races today. Apart from the famous face of winner Hayden Roulston, I don't know who these cyclists are, so if you do, please comment me. Enjoy!

Zucchini Fritters will be tomorrow ;)

Winner Hayden Roulston (above). Heart on sleeve?


  1. Fantastic shots Sara - even if I ride nowhere near as fast as these inspiring ladies, I sure know how they are feeling intensity wise x

  2. Very cool! Our Nats was great today too, and the Tour Down Under starts next week - can't wait! I've got the entire week off to follow it :)

  3. Great photos! Such fabulous shots :)


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