Friday, January 25, 2013

Brain Malfunction, Almond Cashew Cheese & Red Stuff

For the last few days, I've been dealing with a brain that decided to explode. I got a cracker migraine on Wednesday. Lovely.

I still don't feel 100% sharp, but as I don't get migraines very often (I had two last year, and both times had eaten the same brand of raw, peppermint chocolate), at least I can find the process mildly interesting, from a 'why is my brain misfiring now?' perspective.

BTW, searching 'migraine' in Google images may be the best way to get an idea what they are like for those that have never had the pleasure. They are like this, all together:

I've had a few warning signs over the last week, which I should have paid attention to, but didn't. A few of these showed up on the blog! Remember over the weekend, where I just didn't feel like doing anything, everything seemed too overwhelming? That's a sign. I just couldn't organise my thoughts. And then a few days later, I was missing Miss J like crazy? That's another sign. My mood was crashing, and I should have buttoned off and cut back the red wine and caffeine a lot.

But no. What did I feel inspired to do?  Um.. I ate Chinese food for lunch, then followed it with a strong espresso. I'd also snacked on dark chocolate in the morning. MSG is a known trigger for migraines. I'm an idiot.

Strangely, after lunch I felt really confused and couldn't find my car. I couldn't even remember which level of the building it was on (*hellooo*). Eventually, by systematically investigating every part of the carpark, I found it. Then, driving back to work, I got a weird visual effect. You know when you look at a bright light, then look away and there is a kind of blank spot? That effect. 

Then the ziggy zaggy lines, sparkly lights and slight nausea. I made a quick exit and drove home with tunnel vision; quite scary, and probably very irresponsible. I then took panadol, shut myself in a dark room and proceeded to kick myself for being so careless: red wine nearly every night, creeping caffeine consumption, chinese food and chocolate?  That's not good management of 'Sara's Brain', which tends to be a bit touchy even under ideal conditions.

So, let's call that a little wake up call on all of the above and move on.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be  completely recovered and my motivation will return!  This blog post has taken a while. I keep staring into space and considering just leaving it, but... it's more done that not, so I'll finish up with some foodie pics.

Almond/cashew cheese success. This is the best cheese yet. I used this recipe but with 1/3 cashews (soaked them with the almonds).  Before dehydrating, some chives and salt were mixed in.

On the flip side, the buckwheat fermentation went off in a totally random direction.

It turned pink.  I have no idea why and my brain can't handle thinking too hard about that tonight. Any ideas? I'm not going to eat it, that's for sure...  

It's still in the fridge, probably evolving into something that intends to take over the world.  Fermentation is a bit unpredictable. All part of the fun. ;D 

Tomorrow, I intend another go at the zucchini cake, but let's just see how the head feels in the morning.  If you have any tips for getting the brain firing on all four cylinders again after a migraine, please don't hold back. I think it's probably just one of those inconvenient things that takes as long as it takes and I just have to be good and deal with it. 

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a vino or two on my behalf.


  1. You poor thing! I used to get migraines as a teenager - nasty nasty things.... mine were brought on by eye strain, so stronger lenses fixed the problem pretty quick.

    I've had buckwheat go that colour before - like a pinky/purple tinge? Not sure why though, sorry!

  2. I got migraines about one every two months in my 30's. It happened for two years then they stopped and I don't know why.

  3. That buckwheat looks .... very, very shady. I wouldn't eat it either!
    Migraines.... ugggg. I can relate to pictures #5 and #7! I don't get too many now thank god.
    They drain you for days.
    I hope you are feeling much better now.


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