Friday, January 11, 2013

BOOORING! and The Zucchini Update

Today I tackled a job that can only be described as mind-numbingly boring. Most of my job is exciting, but sometimes I have to do the boring stuff, like record an equipment register. That involves making a fact sheet for each item of equipment, recording serial numbers and detailing the maintenance regime. It's not exciting, I wouldn't say I want to do it, but it has to be completed or I'm not doing my job. 

Because my mind was wandering, I started musing on the parallels between getting the job done and getting fit. This relates to a perplexing thing that happens when people want to pick my brain about weight loss or their health issues. In some (not all!) cases, it's hard to get a word in. Instead, I find myself on the receiving end of a lot of whining: they hate veges, or exercise, or can't resist chocolate at night, or need something sweet at afternoon tea, or just can't find the time for a 15 minute workout.

While I acknowledge that in some cases there is a real issue (e.g. an eating disorder or serious fatigue), much of the time, all I'm hearing is excuses, so I start thinking about dinner.  Like Mog does, every time we converse:

Oh Please tell me more about your boring day at work.. I'm here for you, it's very interesting (chicken or fish IAMS?  I wonder if she's out of catfood and will raid the tins of sardines? That would be fantastic.....mmmm.. sardines....).
The thing is, sometimes getting what you want (say, fitness and health) does involve doing something that you don't feel like doing right then. But, to get the job done, and experience the payday of feeling and looking better, you just have to do it.

You know, of course, that nearly any achievement is a metaphor for losing weight? Shauna (Dietgirl) went through a phase of it, observing that gardening is like weight loss and that stripping wallpaper is like weight loss. I think she also concluded that 'making almond butter is like weight loss' but I couldn't find that post. So now we can add that doing boring work stuff is lots like weight loss and getting fitter.

Try calling in tomorrow and letting your boss know that really, you don't feel like working today. I'm sure that will go well.. :-/   What if you have to tackle a particularly boring or difficult task? Would it be ok to just surf Facebook instead? Not really. It's the same with fitness, and eating well. It shouldn't be torture, and it should mostly be fun and natural, but sometimes it's a drag and you just have to press on toward the results you want. Also, the more you focus on the task at hand, the quicker the job gets done and the sooner you can get started on those zucchini fritters, right? 

(that's what kept me going today) :D

I tried to take a pic of my star zucchini to show any non-believers how much this fella grows in a day.  He (? yes, I think so) has slowed down the velocity somewhat, but you should still note an increase in girth and length (sorry, I think I'm blushing a little).



I tried to get the same angle, but it's not quite right.  I think he's ready for the harvest. 

Idea for commenters: Tell me about your attitude to health and fitness. Is it sometimes 'tough but worth it?', or do you just do what you feel? 

Next Post: The missing link in health and fitness?


  1. Oh yes, that's a healthy boy right there ;)

    Totally agree with you on this - you gotta put the work in to get results, and NO it's not always going to be fun - some people just can't be bothered making an effort (gets me mad sometimes - EXCUSES!)

    1. I know. It frustrates me that in this important thing, people don't want to put in any effort. And yet, they may sacrifice to the ends of the earth for a promotion.. crazy.

  2. Great looking zucchini there Sara!
    I certainly agree with your post. I feel one certainly has to make a commitment and follow through, (within reason). Yep, circumstances arise where one has to change their plans, skip or change a workout or two cause of either injury or illness etc from time to time for example. But one still needs the ability to make decisions they are happy with and responsible for given the situation. :-)

    1. I agree, which is why I put that sometimes there are valid reasons why people can't improve things for themselves. The people who annoy me are the ones that complain about the size of their backside, while simultaneously eating three serves for dinner... or that make it somehow my fault that I can't invent a diet that involves them eating as much as they want of anything they like...


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