Sunday, January 06, 2013

Akaroa complaint, and redemption


Akaroa, I have a complaint! 

Apparently, you are the Frenchiest little town in NZ. Your main streets are Rue Lavaud and Rue Jolie, your backpacker's hostels have names like Chez la Mer and your auto shop does reparaciรณns.

So how is it, that in le kiwi town du Frenchy, there is not one proper patisserie? Extensive and exhaustive investigations conducted yesterday revealed not a single macaron in Akaroa. Instead there are many bakeries and cafes offering identical mass-produced slices and cakes.  This is extremely un-French.

I also got a terrible sunburn walking up and down the Rue seeking what should be found within 100m of any French location. I'm grumpy. I have no macarons. Please hire a French baker ASAP. 

One last suggestion: a creperie, also, would not go amiss.

Thanks, that'd be great.



Thank goodness for The Little Bistro.  

This place is so French that we actually knocked a water bottle (empty) off the overcrowded little table. It's gorgeous, and tiny, just like a real French bistro.  It was tricky taking pics of the interior because in any direction, the viewfinder took in at least 10 diners (pic below has been severely cropped), and I try not to upset lunching strangers.

The elevated wine rack extends around two walls, and is 2-3 bottles deep. We noted an earthquake rail :D.

I ordered the fish of the day, sans potatoes, and it was perfect.  I felt compelled to enthuse about the flavour between bites, which I'm sure was most interesting for the 20 people within earshot.  

Everything was so fresh with just the right amount of seasoning and the portion sizes were bang on for a hot day at the beach.

The Programmer got the chowder

I finished with an espresso. Funky sugar cubes, yes?

Although the post-lunch hunt for macarons was a fail, we still had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon in the sun. Banks Peninsula is so pretty, and as I grew up in Little River (a winding and hilly 30 minute drive from Akaroa), it always feels like home.

I'm not kidding about the sunburn though. Eeesh.  


  1. Looks idyllic. I love little towns like that...but no patisserie? For shame!

    I hope you have some aloe vera for your sunburn. :(

    1. Thanks luvvy! I do. I never realised I was getting so crispy. I triple sunscreened my face (gotta try and hold off any more wrinkles), but my shoulders and the tops of my ears took a pounding. There is no shelter while walking around. Many glowing tourists in far worse shape than me!

  2. Banks Peninsula is my favourite place in the world.... so lovely!

    Yes yes, Akaroa definitely needs to up the frenchie-baked-goods on offer - whoever started something up would make a KILLING ;)

    1. Maybe a retirement project? I could definitely live in Akaroa.

  3. It looks GORGEOUS there!
    What sort of chowder was that? Peas seem strange in a chowder???

  4. Wow, didn't realise you grew up in Little River! I have relatives who grew up there, wondering if you may know them. They are the Chappell family, Denise Chappell is the youngest, she did have a twin sister who passed away. Carol and Anne are her older sisters , Charles and Dorothy the parents. Otherwise great pics of Akaroa!

    1. Yes, a couple of years older than me I think (Denise and there was another girl.. can't remember her name).


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