Tuesday, January 08, 2013

10 Random Things

1. Before I cook dinner, I always pile up everything I'll need on the bench like this:

This bread looks yummy.

2. The dishwasher pisses me off

It's like double handling. I have to pre-rinse, then I have to spot dry the dishes afterwards. It seems to use a lot of water to achieve not much. I'm sure it's more work, and harder on the environment than just using the sink. I might ditch it.

3. Although I have a garden, I require encouragement to use it.

The Programmer spotted me unloading bagged salad into the vege bin and pointed out that we have a lot of greens just out back. But, you know, I'm busy. In the semi-dark of dinner time it's hard to know what is veg and what is weeds, and sometimes it all seems a bit too much.

The next day, he built a special salad deck so that he doesn't have to go a-harvesting in the dark with a torch. I can't miss the lettuce now.

I'm on board with this. Plus tonight I grubbed in the garden for herbs and dandelion leaves. My enthusiasm is renewed.

4. We are going to cook school!

It's been a long process (say.. 8 years) trying to discover a shared interest between myself and The Programmer. We tried hard at salsa, but one of us (not me) was never really excited about it. Last year we mumbled something about both being keen on cooking classes and what should arrive via MamaSanaSanta? Two places in Seagar's Italian Cook Class!! Woohooo! That happens in March.

We are also keen on the Akaroa Cooking School, having rubber-necked through a window at a class in progress last week.


5. What would you do??

The Programmer Parental Units found what looks like an expensive piece of jewellery (still in the case) while cleaning out the new property. It was hidden in an inaccessible place and has obviously been there for some time.  I'd say 15-20 years judging by the level of dust.

I've made some calls but the previous owner has no idea. Is this a case of 'finders, keepers?'.  It's been a rental property for at least the last 12 years, and probably longer.

6. I think I have good almond cheese juju

I like home-made almond cheese...

..better than real cheese. Didn't see that coming.

7. I'm at my post F3 challenge weight

I had a scales showdown this morning, fully expecting to experience a bone-crushing case of the fatty popo's (remember, I did eat popcorn for dinner..).  But no, I've maintained my F3 Challenge fatloss.  This may be because...

8. I'm addicted to the ZWOW

Every second day, I do a 'Zuzana's Workout of the Week' from her website. These are short but intense workouts and slot nicely into the 30 mins I have while dinner cooks. Try it; you'll hate it.  But you'll love what it does to you.

9. ..and yoga

On alternate days, I've been doing a 20 or 30 minute class from YogaDownload.com (link on the sidebar over there >>>>>). I will never be Teshia, but there is slow improvement, and it settles my crazy mind like nothing else does.

Today I did Power Yoga and can feel it all over my body. I'm an achey, happy, yoga jellybaby.

10. On Thursday I start my new caffeine detox.



May . The . Force . Be . With . Me.


  1. Yay, you on the scale maintenance! I'm still procrastinating on the caffeine detox front. Sooo terrified. O_O

    I'm a "pile it all up first" kind of cook too. It's efficient, you know. Jamie does it. ;)

    I think you need a new dishwasher. Or perhaps it just needs a damn good filter clean and a better detergent/rinse aid? We only rinse really mucky plates, and just enough to get any chunks off. Then once it's finished, I open the door a few inches (to let the steam out) and leave it till the morning and we have sparkling dishes with no drying required. Ever. Labour-saving devices have to actually be labour-saving or what's the point?

  2. Your lettuce is amazing! I'm very jealous, my veggie garden is struggling this year :( I'm hoping my rocket seedlings recover and GROW for me!

    I've never tried one of the ZWOW workouts, but I hear they are killer (in a good way) - I LOVE yogadownload.... so so good!

    Almond cheese, hurrah!


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