Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome to 'A Room of One's Own'

A Room of One's Own.  This is half of what Virginia Woolf deemed necessary for writing fiction (the other factor was money).  

As a modern woman, I'd like to extend the definition a little. I firmly believe that a woman needs her own space. Not just for writing fiction, but for running a business, doing her study, blogging, skyping and .. all that other stuff that is 100% necessary in 2013.

A few years into our relationship, The Programmer and I went through a tough time and had to reflect on where we were at. One of the things we identified as causing stress in our relationship was a sheer lack of space.  Specifically, I needed an office because my accounts, study materials, work things and numerous personal files were taking over our small house. Exams were stressful not just for me, but for anyone that wanted to enter the kitchen where I was trying to study.  So, my man built me an amazing room and, seeing as I've just tidied it up, you are allowed to see. 

This is where it all happens. In fact, I'm sitting in that chair right now!

Imagine all of this stacked in piles around the kitchen... yes, that was never going to work for long.

The sound system is impressive. Complete overkill for normal days, but perfect for study days or when I'm working on deadline (sorry neighbours).

Many of those folders are empty, just awaiting an influx for next semester. I enrolled yesterday - 3 papers for semester 1 and 1 paper in semester 2.

All it needs now is some art on the wall. I'm working on that.

This recycling bin was empty but is now stuffed to the brim with old study materials. For some reason, I have trouble letting go in case I 'might need it some day'. Today, I just let go. I let go of at least 10kg of paper.  Feels good.

 Hidden around the place are precious, personal things that remind me why I want to succeed.

Speaking of Miss J, she recorded a new song for you all yesterday, so look out for that soon.

After the massive tidy up, I checked in on the newly purchased house, which The Programmer's parents are readying for occupation.  So far they have shrink-filmed the carpets (which reduced the doggy smell a lot) so that the walls can be repainted, and removed a fireplace. It looked exhausting, so I headed home, poured a sav blanc. and baked a vegan crumble.

Recipe coming in the next post.

Bloggers: where do you blog?  I'd love to see a pic of your space, your creative room/desk/corner.


  1. Wow, looks fab :) Must feel so good to get rid of all that paper.... de cluttering is very very stress-relieving for me.

    I have a little desk at the back of our lounge where the laptop sits.... but I move around, sometimes blog out on the back deck in the afternoon sun while Misty naps.

    Can't wait for the recipe!

  2. Super-tidy; I'm impressed!

    Your cacti are even more impressive. Wowzers. I shan't be sharing my blogging/work space, as it's a horrible, horrible mess. *ashamed*


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