Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Week in Eats + Dog Pee Drama

What have I been doing this evening? I'm so glad you asked because it's super interesting.

The Programmer and I were peeling back the carpets in our newly purchased rental property to determine if they were totally wrecked with dog pee, or only partly so.

While gagging and holding our breath(s). My eyes were stinging.

Good news! The underlay is rubber and the floorboards look ok.  ;-/  The carpets? I've booked a professional to make that call on Monday. Holy Cow. how the tenants lived in such conditions, I have no idea.

And from that, I shall now smoothly segue into The Week in Eats! Not smooth? Sorry, my brain is short circuiting on dog pee ammonia and I can do no better.  This set of pics is mostly a repeat performance for some of the last two week's eats as I had that funky, self-perpetuating mutant post issue.

Lower sugar avocado ganache (still have some in my freezer!)

Pork and veges with pickled ginger (SUCH a fan)

Everything I could find in the fridge that day...

Avocado ganache fudge

Lemon Buckwheat pancake

No-Lettuce Salad

Almond Cheese

The Buckwheat Pancakes are definitely getting bigger.. This one is with berries, banana and coconut yogurt.


mashed kumara with balsamic shallot sauce


Chicken salad with almond cheese sprinkled over

Salmon, veges and 'slim pasta'. The almond cheese makes another appearance

Another buckwheat pancake, mushed up (it's important to have variety, ahaha)
And, with that, I'm off to do something very important: take a shower. After tonight's mission, I feel... a bit stinky. It's seeped into my pores or something. Dog pee - the gift that just keeps giving...

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