Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Grinch

Do you know that I'm the Christmas Grinch?

Ok, maybe not the Christmas Grinch, because I love the time with friends and family, eating, drinking, laughing and **sparkly decorations**, but I'm definitely the present Grinch.

One of the biggest battles in my life is against stuff, and Christmas always seems to bring into my house a lot of complicated stuff. It's hard to discuss it without sounding like the Christmas Bitch, but gifts are a little bit loaded.  If you can't use it, or don't really want it, what do you do with it? 

What to do with the avalanche of made-in-china trinkets, smellies and cute little things that Santa brings on the 25th when your house is pressed for space? A box in the attic? It seems somehow ungrateful. People mean to gift you something that you will love and cherish, but sometimes, there is just no more room. It's a dilemma.

I was thinking about this while making things happen in the fermentation bay.

It's the fermentation bay. Wine is allowed. It's fermented. ;)

What do you think make awesome Christmas presents?

Here's what I think:

* Food - home-made is amazing, but store-bought is also great. Chocolate is a sure-fire hit as is a fancy cupcake;

* Wine;

* Music (CD's or download vouchers) - even if they don't listen to it, it will look good in the collection;

* Clothes - this may not work for everyone, but for me, if it's my size, I'll give it a whirl. I don't care if it cost 50c from the Sallies;

* Hair accessories - one of the best pressies ever was a funky hair-bungy-double-comb thing Sista-Programmer gave me when we were on holiday. I worked that thing till it sprung its elastic.

I've started with these hairbands for the nieces (Miss J and Miss H). In spite of extensive de-programming efforts, they are both very excited about (guess what???): PINK and SPARKLY.

I also found the perfect wrapping paper:

If I have learned anything in my 7+ years of being an Aunty, it's this: The Disney Princesses and Barbie rule the world. No point in fighting it; best to just go with it.

* Books - e-books, real books, cookbooks (yes, yes!) you can't go wrong for any age. Magazine subscriptions are usually appreciated;

* DVD's/ Bluray

* Experiences - a night away, a dinner, a helicopter ride, a bungy jump, a murder-mystery dinner, Grease at the Court Theatre.  All good. I'm thinking of this for Mamasana, she loves a good night out with her perfect oldest daughter :D *ahem*.

Technology - a little more pricey, but things like iPods, iPads and phones seem to go down well;

* Fluffy toys / rag dolls - These can always be piled up on a spare bed. I've got an Aunty that has given me dolls since I was little, and it's always awesome. Like the hair accessories, maybe more of a girl thing.

* A Worthy Gift - for example, World Vision and Oxfam let you gift some stuff to a family that really could do with more (on the links).  Three years ago I bought a hector's dolphin sponsorship for The Programmer though The Body Shop. It came with a little dolphin toy and he could check the status of his dolphin online. Pretty cool. You can do the same thing through the the WWF.

What do you think? What makes a great present?
What do you do with well-intentioned but ultimately unused presents?


  1. I hate to admit it, but I'm a re-gifter.... If I don't like it or won't use it, I pass it on to someone else!

    If you HAVE to give a gift then I'm all for vouchers - I love a good Bunnings voucher ;) Or FOOD!

  2. I'm re-gifting a couple of things this year.... Shh.

    I've learnt that when people ask what I'd like and I can't think of something immediately, tell them "a gift voucher from [insert favourite shop here]". Otherwise I end up with useless crap. Ungrateful? Maybe...

    I'm giving my own kids cash & gift vouchers this year. Once they pass 15, they're impossible to buy for. >.<


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