Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pics from Christmas Day

This year I left the pic taking to The Programmer, but forgot to issue correct instructions about photographing all the food. :D 
I guess normal people just don't think of it?

The lunch table. The weather was really perfect: warm, but not blazing hot.

The brandy glazed pudding. The flames are very hard to photograph...

'My' cake (it has an 's' on it).  MamaProgrammer always bakes a gluten-free cake for me and a regular one for The Programmer.  That's a lot of cake for two people, but we do our best :D

'Free From' Gluten-free mince pies.  These were delicious. Note the past tense.

A present from SistaProgrammer. Apparently this metal 'soap' can remove garlicky odours from your hands.
Can't wait to try it out. Has anyone used one of these?



  1. We had those fruit mince bites too. Enjoyed by all, even the gluten-eaters. Hope you are having a relaxing Boxing Day. Cheers, Charlotte

  2. We have a metal soap thingie, had it for years. Gets rid of paint, motor oil, and all other odours. No idea how it works. Magic?

    Honestly, who doesn't photograph the food?


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