Sunday, December 23, 2012

Party Food Pics and Last F3 Challenge Check-In!

I don't know what it's like at your place, but over here life has morphed into an unbroken stream of parties, eating, drinking and people coming :D  and going :(

Have a great time in Liechtenstein, Mamasana!

On Friday night we held our Christmas party. I was too busy playing hostess-in-heels to take many pics, but here are a few - mostly of the food, haha. We also had the BBQ going and lights strung up outside, but.. I hardly ventured out there!

I had intended to make some vegan cakes, but in the end, there was no time and I took the stress-free option of organic fruit plate, stuff from bags (organic biscuits, corn-chips, crackers, salad), fresh bread from the organic french baker and then I made some guacamole and hommus and loaded up on organic meat from the butcher (+ some vege ones for the non-meat-eater - yes, there was only one!), and threw a bunch of potatoes in the oven to bake. 

Note how many times I used the word 'organic' in the previous paragraph? I hate that when other people do it, it sounds pretentious doesn't it? The wine was not organic and neither were the baked potatoes. :D Redeemed.

Needless to say, it was not the ideal week to be finishing up a fitness challenge, but I did my best:


This week was all about doing what I could. There were a couple of mornings where I got up early for yoga, and a couple of evenings where I ate too much and stayed up too late. My spreadsheet went by the wayside as the xmas rush kicked in, but I've been making notes in my journal and nutrition wasn't too bad. I've been keeping indulgences small and making sure I eat my veges before my macarons.

Speaking of which, is there anything better in life?

No, there isn't. Macarons are the best thing in life. End of.

I faced the scales this morning for my final F3 Challenge, with a certain feeling of doom. I did a little weight check on Tuesday, after last weekend's munching and was back up to 58.5 (yikes!), but things have stabilised back at just under 58kg (57.9kg to be precise). So, that's a total challenge scale loss of exactly 1.5kg, or just over 200g a week. That's really ok :D

Even more important, I'm finding it easier this year to indulge without slipping into 'eat the world' mode and I'm doing some exercise without telling myself off for not doing more. These are both positive effects of the last 7 week's efforts.

However, I also seem to have managed to lose nine out of 11 fellow challengers!  That's not so good and I feel unpopular, like people came to my party and left early because it was boring and the food was bad and I smell. Never mind, it's a crazy time of year, there's a lot going on. I'm sure it's not personal :-/

To anyone that checks in today, I adore you and thanks for sticking with me and making it a bit more fun. Please make your final check-in and let me know if you have any ideas for another joint blog fitness / nutrition challenge. January detox / junkfree challenges are popular. I'd be up for one, and probably well ready to ditch the bubbly and christmas cake by then!

Because this post really had to be today, I'll be back soon with the planned blog post about what arrived in the other sort of post. Hint: it won't be interesting to my vegetarian readers. 

In the meantime, please have a fantastic xmas eve tomorrow, drive safely, enjoy yourselves and relax.
I'll be catching up on some sleep, doing a little 'must do' stuff (which might include blogging, depending on how the rest of it goes!) and resting up for the feat of endurance which is Christmas day. This year we have lunch with Sistaprogrammer and dinner at my uncle's place. Better pace myself.

What are your plans?


  1. You don't smell, and I think you are ace :) It's just that time of the year - hence why other participants have dropped off!

    I have really solidified (and deepened) my yoga practise, and have been able to do up to an hour a day (cut up into little chunks when I can manage around Misty) I feel stronger, more balanced and actually really HAPPY, which is awesome.

    I'm the same as you - feeling like I am able to indulge and not go overboard - very positive I agree.

    Oh your party looked fabulous, wish I could have been there for a wine and a yarn :) Merry Xmas xxx

    1. Thanks you. I'm glad I'm not stinky. It's not like anyone tells you these things... :-/ I'm slowly falling more in love with yoga too. If I take that time in the morning, I just feel more focused and 'on top of things' all day. It's a time to get my priorities sorted before just rushing into it.

      The party was great. Lots of girly time with my cousins. Kind of made up for my sister not being here. You would have fit right in, and probably would have done a better job at not wrecking the vegetarian sausages (one of my cuzzies is vege). They fell apart under my efforts - but it could have been that I was cooking, drinking and holding 3 conversations at the same time...

  2. Hey, I'm still here :P You're not unpopular and you definitely don't smell, nor is this boring. Your food is great too.

    This week was a bit of a write off, and I'm hiding from the scales! I'm right back into things on Boxing Day. Right now it's too hot to even think, at about 43 today, so I'm anxiously awaiting the cool change which will mean I can get off the couch and clean the house and outside for hosting Christmas X)

    I've become more consistent with exercise over this challenge, and I've mostly moderated what I'm eating, except for falling into a wheat haze this week. I know I'm not the only one :P

    A challenge for January would be good. I like the focus on habits and consistency, not dropping 5kg in 2 weeks and then falling into a block of chocolate :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas

    1. Yes, it would be good to start the year with a health kick. Last year I did 'junk free January' which went very well. I might do a similar thing this year (no gluten, sugar or industrial oils). XX

      Ps. whoa that's some temperatures!

  3. Hi Sara, I'm hoping Christmas will be less of a binge-fest this year after setting up some good habits over the last 7 weeks. Thanks for organising the challenge, and have a good Christmas!

    1. You too Charlotte, and thanks for taking part! X

  4. You didn't lose me, I was just flat out getting ready for our ridiculous family Christmas... Needless to say, nutrition has not been stellar & exercise consisted mostly of vigiorously mopping floors and washing windows. But oh well....


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