Saturday, December 01, 2012

Lemon Buckwheat Pancakes with Erythritol

This week, I was 100% predictable with breakfasts.  It's just so easy to crawl out of bed and splat some coconut oil and fermented buckwheat paste into the pan. It cooks while I preen.

With this one, I sprinkled erythrtitol over it (the erythritol melts), and added some lemon juice and coconut milk yogurt once it was done.

I think a bit of routine and 'automation' with food can be good thing, if it's an effective habit. When I did my Body for Life challenge in 2003, I ate exactly the same breakfast, every day for the last 6 weeks: 20g oats, 4 eggwhites. I'm not saying it was exciting, but I didn't hate it. I also didn't have to think about it, and the results happened.

I'm pretty sure that four out of the next five meals were some type of bar or meal replacement drink and dinner was always a protein+salad. I've come a long way in terms of understanding good nutrition since then, but I still think that a certain amount of 'no-brainer' repetition just makes things easier for a busy girl.

Speaking of busy, today is EOM accounts for Sana and I've let it slip a bit, so must get off the blog and on to the accounts system.  I also have to update the MYOB software. Why does software have to do that? It works, I understand it, I don't need anything else, and yet it persists in harassing me about some new thing which will apparently change my life for the better. 

The worst one for it is P-touch - the software that runs the Sana label printer. It seems to require enhancing several times a week, and yet doesn't seem to do much more than it always has.  It prints labels... 

Tomorrow: F3 Challenge Check In! I've been so dedicated this week. If I don't get at least a little scale love, you'd better stand by for a blog tantrum. :D

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