Sunday, December 16, 2012

F3 Check-In


Last week only MTB Girl checked in, for which I am truly grateful. I'm not sure what's happened to everyone else ...?  Maybe just 'life'?  Too much Christmas shopping to do? Too many parties? It's a funny time of year.

This week, I once again pulled out all the stops and, all going well, 'should' get to my goal of 57.0 kg by the 23rd. However, the main thing is to keep up the training and healthy eating.

This week, I did three yoga sessions and one full-body weights session. Eating was mostly protein and veges, with two big meals out. As these were planned for Friday and Saturday, my official weigh in was Friday morning. 57.4kg! Woohoo. That's 2kg down in total. That's slow progress, just over 300g a week on average, but feels 'good' - not too fast, and yet not so slow that I throw a tantrum and dive into a pile of macarons.

Mmmmm macarons.  Is there anything better?  So many flavours...

How did your week go, Festive Fitness Focus Challengers? Those of you that are still with me and MTB Girl, do you have any plans to make the last week count?


  1. I'll be happy to just survive the last week.....

    Struggled through my spin class on Wednesday morning, raced today and did the big nasty hill twice.

    I've also had a very busy weekend socially, so I'm a tad exhausted.

    Looking forward to the last week of work and a break over Christmas-New Year.

  2. I'm still here! Cranking on the yoga front which is great.... AND I just made some almond "cheese" using your directions - I added some nutritional yeast & heaps of salt, and it's seriously like CHEESE! Wowza!

  3. I'm just failing at social media right now...haven't had a second to myself for weeks.

    LUCKILY, I've finally finished work as of yesterday, so I can draw breath and spend a few days eating a solid diet of protein & veg to get rid of some nasty squishy fluid bloat that's hanging around...possibly due to an excess of wine, bread and *ahem* chocolate. I'm just accepting that it's been a difficult few weeks and I'm moving on.


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