Sunday, December 02, 2012

F3 Check-In

It's Check-In day!  F3 Challengers, please either leave a comment on this post, or email me your spreadsheet, or both.

For me, week 4 started with a rush of enthusiasm and ended with a whimper due to getting a little bit sick. I've still got it. It's not a full blown cold, just a headache, slight sniffle, stunning lack of energy. It seems like a 'lite' version of the nasty that The Programmer has.

Exercise this week was three yoga sessions. I'm really loving yoga right now, and it feels right to just go with it. After a day at the desk, it feels so good to just stretch everything out. On two of those days, I had no motivation for jogging or weights, and rather than just skip exercise, I gave in to the glow of my pink yoga mat. That's a promising development for me. Throughout my health career, it's been hammered into my brain that if you are not working with weights and doing some cardio, you'd might as well not bother because you won't get 'The Result' (lean, muscled physique). 

I feel like such a rebel just doing yoga all week. It's like saying 'ha! look at me do yoga! I'm doing yoga, I haven't picked up a weight for two weeks, so there!'.  Maybe I really don't care about chinky abs anymore and just want to be healthy and have fun.  What a thought.

Eating-wise, I put in a bit more effort, snacking on activated almonds and apples, rather than dried fruit.. and chocolate. As I mentioned yesterday, breakfast was a fermented buckwheat pancake with fruit and yogurt (coconut or sheeps milk). Lunches and dinners were protein, veges, salad, with some starches (kumara, chickpeas). I was inspired by Charlotte, who is blazing the F3 trail over on her Food and Fitness blog. If she can be all organised and perfect, I can be too.


After several months without caffeine, suddenly I had the urge (probably because I was feeling blah and headachey and totally 'over it' with the fatigue), having five espressos throughout the week (two yesterday).  Alcohol consumption was.. erm.. not exactly nil either. So, that's something to tighten up on for week five. I've got to watch that tendency. Once I get to the stage where something feels easy, I get slack and let the old habits slip back in. 

I was hoping for some scale love, and I got some. I'm down to 58kg, which is a scale loss of 1.4kg since starting the F3 Challenge. 

I'm planning on even more focus in week five and that means it's time now to rush off, make an organic shop haul and get organised with vege prep and ferments (standard Sunday relaxation, yes?).

F3 Challengers, how are you doing? Just three weeks until the big Christmas Cake showdown~!


  1. It's funny - I've never felt more fit or toned than when I am doing JUST yoga.... it's a weird misconception, that you need to be pumping weight and running a million miles a day to have a nice physique... yoga is the perfect exercise IMO :)

    1. I'm surprised sometimes how sore I get after a good yoga session - especially with those mean instructors that make you do a trazillion chaturunga-updog-downdog moves. Or even chaturnaga-high plank-chaturanga-high plank (I mean seriously, that's just pushups, right?).

  2. Hi Sara, good work with the 'scale love'.
    Like you mentioned in one of your previous posts, I'm too am happy to eat the same thing quite frequently, so I think that helps make my life a bit easier. Also, I'm a bit of a control freak...
    Just a small drop on the scales for me this week. Details on my blog.
    Cheers, C

    1. Good effort, again! Reading your blog really did inspire me. I was like.. damn, I need to try harder!

  3. I'm down 1.9kg overall so far, so going pretty well despite my speed humps :) Happy to be progressing in the right direction and still working on the "all or nothing" and perfection mindset. Need to work on my fitness habits more, as I'm still not consistent, apart from making my PedalTek training every week.

    1. I know what you mean. That's why it was a victory to get the yoga in, even though my brain was telling me 'if you don't do weights today, you'd might as well do nothing'. Also, I had that 'well now I've had one wine, might as well have three' thing happening, and managed to slap that down.

  4. Hey Sara, about the same over here xx


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