Sunday, December 09, 2012

F3 Challenge Check In!

Thanks for your (Facebook) tips on how to get Razzy healthy. I felt like such a deficient cat mama at the vets. For a start, I turned up an hour early, and had to stand there looking shamed while the vets frantically shuffled appointments to accommodate us.

Then Razzy suffered the indignity of a public weigh-in (7.75kg, yikes!) and I got a telling off by an otherwise nice, Scottish vet.  Apparently all of Razzy's current issues are due to obesity and I've been instructed to either get the weight off him with strict diet and exercise (exercise?) or look forward to him dying of a urinary disease - apparently these can be rapidly fatal in male cats.

So, it's check-in and day #1 for Razzy. My plan is to start him on the prescription diet food while I research raw food options. This morning was painful to my ears, but I'm dedicated, determined, shall be as unmoveable as as mountain when it comes to dieting the chubby cat. 

It's also Festive Fitness Focus Challenge Check-In Day for humans!

How are you doing?

This week I focused hard on diet, particularly on keeping sugar consumption as low as possible. Training was minimal because I just wasn't feeling great for most of the week. In fact, there was no organised training, just a few walks, and some major housework sessions - we are prepping the casa for an upcoming Christmas party. So. Much. To. Do. 

Nutrition was on track. Generally the content was carby breakfasts,

and leafy lunches and dinners:

Snacks were mostly leftovers, but I also worked my way through a pot of quarg.  It's been a while since I had much dairy and it seems to be agreeing with me right now.

There were a few indulgences - a chinese food lunch, a few glasses of wine to celebrate passing exams, a few espressos (*cough*).  Moving right along....

Progress with the flab is slow but steady. I think it's about right. I'm not going crazy, I'm not bingeing, I'm not obsessing, I'm not avoiding any social events.  So far, the scale showdown has been like this:

1. 59.4 31.00%
2. 58.7 29.50%
3. 58.6 29.50%
4. 58.6 29.80%
5. 58 29.50%
6. 57.8 28.60%

I don't put much faith in the BF% readings. They can be as much a 7% different between morning and evening, so I just use them as a sort of comparison, rather than absolute number.

So, yay! I'm back in the 57's!  It's only a little different to last week, but feels major because for the last 6 months at least I've been springing up and down the frustrating 58-60 bungy. It's nice to get past that sticking point. My ultimate weight is about 54kg. That's not as slinky as I'd like to be in my dreams, but maybe those dreams are stupid, a bit pointless and based on what, exactly? 

It's hard to remember what my original motivation was, it's been so long.

I'll be back later with a Week in Eats (somehow I corrupted the last one, causing it to re-publish itself repeatedly like a self-reproducing mutant.. I had to delete it/them), and in the meantime, I look forward to hearing about your challenge-busting week.

Check-In in the comments section!


  1. I've had a good week. Spin was a brutal time trial, and I'm off to track this afternoon for the first time in months. I'm still not getting the weights sessions in, but I've decided to wait until my leave before trying to fit that in again.

    I've got a new bike coming on Friday (EXCITED!!!) so I'll try to line up a friend (who has just moved closer to our house) to go for a ride before my 2nd Cyclo Sportif for the season next weekend.

    I forgot to weigh in late this week, and yesterday was my mother in law's birthday celebration, so I'm not doing it today!! I was down nearly 2kg last time I checked.

    It's a big week of Christmas parties this week, including double lunch and dinner events on Thursday. I think I'll need the ride on Friday and the race on Sunday to even things out. I've also got my final session of Spin on Wednesday morning, which will be another brutal time trial. I hope I make it through the work day on Wednesday without falling asleep at my desk.

  2. Well done! And as the only challenger to check in this week, you are definitely getting a visit from santa.

  3. Thanks Sara, I wonder if everyone else has given up?

    The Lara bar you sent me saved me from the vending machine the other day - thanks! I must get some more of them for my handbag, for emergencies of course!

    1. They are really good for that! Well, let's finish strongly, even if it's just us!


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