Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cultured Movies, Cultured Food and Fat Razzy

Today I'm not quite feeling my best after a Christmas function last night. That's not because of the alcohol (only two glasses of bubbly) but because I stuffed my face with the breads and dips. 

That bread-munching achieved the immediate goal of stopping the bubbly going to my head, but today I have that peculiar 'sleepy eyes' feeling that happens after I eat wheat. I'm certainly not allergic to wheat, or gluten, but it wipes out my energy in a strange way that no other foods do. What can I say? I'm a sensitive little flower. :D

Tonight I'm getting dose of culture with The Intouchables (subtitles = culture, right?), along with some gossip and girl time - girls' night out! woohoo! This morning was devoted to a different type of culture: the bacterial sort.

It's time for another batch of Kraut.

Given the terrible thing that happened last time, I personally inspected every leaf. It took a while, but my conscience is clear.

The technique I'm using is classic sauerkraut-making. There are only three ingredients: cabbage, salt and the natural bacteria resident on the cabbage leaves. The method is simply massaging the salt-sprinkled, finely chopped cabbage in a 'squeeze and drop' motion, until it becomes soft and there is a pool of brine in the bottom of the bowl.

Today the phone rang and I abandoned my cabbage mid-squeeze. When I got back to it, I was surprised to find that the salt had continued to pull the water out and there was a lot more brine than before I took the call.  It's like magic. 

The covered bowl is sprouting buckwheat.

I also whipped up a bowl of almond cheese.

When I say 'whipped up', I mean 'spent half and hour shelling 300g of sprouted, blanched almonds'. Can't complain though. The sun is out and I did the job outside, while simultaneously giving Razzy a pep talk about the diet.

He's losing the will to live.

I can't take one more day of diet food..
Like every naturally thin creature, Monty quickly tired of the fat-related conversation and started drawing attention to himself with crazy dance moves.

Somebody forgot to tell him that he's the human equivalent of 85 years old. I think that cat's going to be with us a long, long time. He's not had a sick day in his life, apart from a broken leg (probably from indulging in age-inappropriate activities or dangerous explorations to the weak end of a tree branch).

I hope your weekend is starting well and that there is some lazing in the sun involved. Any big plans?

How is the Christmas shopping going? (*starts to hyperventilate a little*)


  1. I'm soaking some almonds right now to make "cheese" - exciting!

    I'm bummed, turns out my belly doesn't like cabbage in ANY form, kraut included. I've turned to fermenting carrot which is YUM.

    Enjoy your girls night!

  2. Love my kraut! Quite often I will sprinkle it with salt, walk away then come back to a briney bowl :) Does most of the work for you too. And I put probiotics in mine. How long do you leave yours for to ferment?

    1. I do taste tests until it has the right amount of tang. It depends on what the temps are. This lot should be good in 48 hours. The last one took four days (colder weather). It continues to improve in the fridge, I find. :)


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