Friday, December 07, 2012

Almond 'Cheese'

It is so good to have my energy back!  I've got that 'woohooo, I'm really getting better!' feeling that hits after a lingering cold, or longer illness.  It's like a little ray of sunshine in my soul.

I used that little burst of energy to try making something I've been thinking about for a while: nut cheese.


I've been dragging my feet on giving it a go because I thought it might be complicated.

It's not.

I used about 200g of activated almonds, which had been blanched and the skins popped off. If you are unfamiliar with the blanching procedure, it's so easy. Just pour boiling water on your activated almonds, leave for about 2 minutes and the skins will easily come off when you squeeze the almond.

I accidentally left my skinned almonds on the bench for a day and noticed they were beginning to ferment on their own. I gave them a rinse, blurred them into mush in the processor with a little water and the contents of one probiotic capsule, and left them for another day, covered.

Then I added some thyme and a little salt and put them out to drain in the sun.

After about 5 hours, my patience was wearing thin so I mounded up the pre-cheese, put the oven on a very low heat (about 150C), left the door ajar and let it dehydrate overnight.

Mmm..mmm. This is so delicious.

After a night cooling in the fridge, the texture had firmed up to something like regular feta.

I've been sprinkling it on my salads.

I can see this becoming a regular feature in my fermentation bay (sunny corner of the kitchen bench), along with sauerkraut, buckwheat and coconut yogurt. I sense an obsession forming... uh oh

I even caught myself looking at the ingredients in pickled ginger today and thinking 'I wonder if I could make this?'.  How hard could it be, really?

Ok, I'm off to have a Friday night feast with Mamasana, The Programmer and a Miss J on skype. Let me know if you come up with any refinements to the almond cheese technique. And, of course, hit me with your animal health tips. I want to see The Razz displaying his usual cat silliness, like playing soccer with a peach stone (vid below).

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  1. YUM - going to try making this - I have made "cheese" with cashews before, but almonds sound really good.


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