Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy times, cheese fail, the fridge and a flash mob

Ooopsies! Is that the day?? Wednesday already? Hahaha. Crazy time of year, huh?

Let's see if I can dig out a food pic. Hellooooo..

Found it growing in the garden. Veges have really evolved lately...

In the last 10 days, I've:  closed on a house sale; found that said house is so stunk up by doggies that we can't rent it out; arranged extensive carpet clean and deodorisation (which partly worked); attended 3 parties; had a post-party scale freakout; overcame a post-party scale freakout; worky work worked (best. job. ever); took an exciting delivery which will be the topic of the next blog post; invited lots of people to a party at my house on Friday (!) and ..erm...fell off the caffeine wagon big time.  Never mind. Detox wasn't that bad, was it? I seem to have blocked it out...

I also spent a relaxing evening cleaning out the fridge:

Yes, actually, this is the 'after' pic..
It had to be done. There was no room to squeeze my almond cheese in there, so I left it on the bench an extra day. It was a stinking hot one, and I came home to a proliferation of some very smelly red yeast, or mould. I've been in the food industry long enough to know that unidentified yeasts and moulds should not be consumed, even by adventurous eaters that would scarf anything (nobody like that around here.. *looks sideways*).

Red mould = definite cheese fail. Please check here for an exemplar of almond cheese making. That's some awesome looking cheese, Lou. Do you ship to NZ? :D

Apart from that little disappointment (and expensive waste of almonds!), I've had an uneventful eating week which was more functional than beautiful. Round of applause please for the busy-person's friends: sauerkraut and salad from a bag.

busy day simple meal: protein (salmon, some chorizo), sauerkraut, salad.  I dressed it up with
a smoked shallot dressing from mustardmakers
Lunches this week have been courtesy of Royal Roasts, who do a fine salad+meat option for F3 Challengers on their final week. I was standing in line at the Northlands shop yesterday, which is part of the food court, when some music came over the loud speaker and random people got up from their lunches and started dancing and singing.  It felt like being kidnapped by aliens and transplanted into an episode of Glee! tells me that the 'flash mob' performers are from the local performing arts school (NASDA). They were amazing and most of the crowd loved it, whipping out their phones to record the moment. It was just the thing I needed in the middle of a mad day. I skipped out of there feeling christmassy and like I should hug someone.  

Of course there were whiners and complainers polluting the air with upset noises about people standing on the tables. Those people have obviously never examined the usual state of food court tables (ew!), or noticed that people work full-time just clearing and wiping.  Yet others felt the need to bust my mood by squeaking about being unable to get a seat for the < 4 minutes that people were dancing on / around them.   

Seriously.... you won't starve to death in the space of one song. 

Earlier, I posted what was clearly a phone vid of that performance on Facebook, but now I've found the official NASDA clip.  I should be in there somewhere (famous!), standing in the vicinity of Mickey D's - Royal Roast is the purple sign beside it. But, even I can't find myself in the crowd (not quite famous!). Enjoy!


  1. how did i not meet you when we were there? gah, next time!

    1. I didn't see you either! Next time let's both wear I BLOG t-shirts! Haha.

  2. Wowza, full on week for you! Sounds like a good few vinos on Friday are in order ;) I'll bring the cheese! Ha.

    1. Eh... well, it's kinda my fault for taking on so much. I'm bad at saying 'no'. I think I'll have some more almond cheese ready tomorrow for my party. I think some 'Mary's Crackers' would be the thing to do with it.

  3. That soloist has an awesome voice

  4. I couldn't figure out if it was pre-recorded or not. It was very hard to tell because I was too far away from her to tell, but the performers were definitely singing loudly and could sing. It might have been both. It was good times. life should be more like that, all the time :D

  5. I got a real buzz this week out of some buskers playing super-smooth jazz in the shopping strip near work! I would be so excited to see a performance like that in the flesh... Some people are just grumbly old grumble-bums.


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