Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week in Eats, F3 Check In and 'a thing'


It's important to fuel those study efforts with awesome food. You may notice a certain 'thrown together' feel to this Week in Eats. This is how I eat when kitchen time is limited.

Buckwheat sourdough with egg and avocado
First attempt at fermented buckwheat crepes. Tasted good, looked messy.

Root vege 'salad'

Salmon, kumara, broccoli, avocado, sauerkraut, pecorino cheese

Vegan Apple Crumble (topping is oats, buckwheat flour, sugar and coconut oil)

Something meaty. Pork and pineapple. This photo does not do it justice. The flavours were amazing.
I'll make this again and do some proper photos. 
Stuffed kumara with veges and sauerkraut

Random leftovers.
Smoked chicken salad with 'chreese', which is a vegan cheese substitute. I've used a powdered vegan dressing twice lately and both times The Programmer came down with a brain-exploding migraine the next morning. So this might be the last appearance of chreese on Fit to Blog.  After a bit of investigative work at the the health shop, I've discovered that the common ingredient is silicon dioxide. This is an ubiquitous free-flow agent that I've come across a lot as a food manufacturer.
 I've also seen many cases of allergy to it. I suspect my man is sensitive to it.
Chicken salad, pumpkin, sauerkraut
Study fuel! This is actually the leftovers of an asparagus omelette that had been breakfast, on avocado, on rye sourdough

Bowl of... I think it's leftover roast veg from dinner, tossed with herbs from the garden

Buckwheat Pikelets


Week one is done and dusted. If you're taking part, and would like to check in, please leave a comment on this post, or email me your spreadsheet. From conversations during the week it sounds like everyone is giving it a go and that's the main thing. :D

Personally, I had a pretty good first week. I missed one workout, but managed five, even joining another F3 challenger for a powerwalk. Eating was.. pretty good considering the back to back exams, and in spite of attending a party last night, I'm 700g down per the scales. However, after a bit of deep thought, I've decided that I have to do a thing

As you know, a few months ago I did a thing; I gave up coffee, having repeatedly failed at cutting back. This was very, very tough at first, but now it's NBD. In October I had two coffees when out and about, and this month I've had one pre-exam espresso (helps the mental focus, I've heard). The thing I have to do now is take a similar break from alcohol. I don't want to say that I have a problem with it, because I know that people do have real problems with alcohol, but it is getting in the way of my goals. Unacceptable. Beverages shall know their place.

I've noticed before that when I'm exercising, and particularly when I'm losing weight, my booze tolerance drops from 'marginal' to 'practically non-existent'. Even half a glass of wine is enough to dispel any plans to a) stop and one glass and b) avoid the party food (knowing that I attended an engagement 'do' last night, yes, you may take this as a confession. There was dancing; that's all I'm admitting to). As there are a number of parties in my immediate future, I think a period of abstinence is called for.

Therefore the rest of my F3 challenge will be alcohol free. Now, I've got a week to develop a survival strategy for Mamasana's 60th, which is next weekend. 

Do you have any time-honoured tips for partying without the in-glass party pal? I like to have my fingers around a drink, to avoid that awkward 'what do I do with my hands?' feeling when meeting people, but what's a good low-sugar beverage to have within? I'd love to hear your ideas.


F3 Challengers: It's check in day! How did your first week go? What went right, what needs work and is there anything (like me) that you need to change?

Everyone: What do you drink at parties when you are avoiding alcohol?


  1. Hey Sara,
    I've had a fairly average week - and feeling uninspired in the kitchen but some of your eats are inspiring me and I might just take some photos as well

    1. Thanks for checking in! It is true that daily cooking can be a bit of a grind.. and yet my grandmother has done it for more than 60 years now with barely a compliant. I'm clearly soft.

  2. PS - I don't drink, so my decision is easy. Mineral water all the way!

  3. I can relate to the alcohol thing. I haven't given up (no lofty fitness goals for this old girl), but had to put my mind to reducing intake. Discussing it with buddies, I think lots of Chch folks took to the bottle to cope with earthquake stress, then aftershock stress, then EQC stress, then house repair stress...

    1. Yes, and yes. When things really are crappy, and your city is collapsing, it seems like a bit of alcohol overindulgence is really nothing to get concerned about, considering that everyone might DIE at any time.

  4. What is this chreese you speak of? Have you tried cashew cheeze? Man, MAKE SOME NOW if not!!! I don't do a lot of the processed stuff but you can make an incredible cheeze sauce using either nutritional yeast and seasonings or soaked cashews and seasonings. You must try them! I have recipes!

    1. Ok! can you link me to one of your recipes? We are keen on plant-based foods, but apart from avocado sauce, I'm a bit stuck for ideas on pasta-type sauces that aren't tomato-based. x

    2. Oh yeah and I second the cashew-based "cheese" - soak cashews, blend up with nutritional yeast, salt, seasoning, olive oil - Yummo!

    3. sounds easy enough, and close enough to a recipe that I can follow (i.e. no tedious measuring of quantities, *yawn*). :D

  5. I'm going to be a week behind as I have had an ick yuck tummy bug (thanks, Misty) so have been feeling rotten! So now I am on the mend I am going to tackle this head on and aim for 5 yoga sessions this week, plus a bit of walking with Misty.

    Also am re-working my diet to get in a bit more variety.... re introducing a little fruit and the likes :) I don't really drink that much at the moment, but kombucha is always a good thing to have on hand at parties.

    1. Mmm.. I'm thinking kombucha would be great. I should get a 'shroom of my own I suppose. It's pricey stuff to buy by the bottle. I don't know anyone with a mother 'shroom right now. Might ask at Piko, or the eternal delight folks might help me out.

  6. I'm going for consciousness and consistency, and it seems to be working. No "rules" for me to rebel against :P. I'm down 1.1kgs this week - mostly beginners luck and water weight no doubt, but it shows focus gets me somewhere.

    I did my spin class, rode to and from it, plus did a ride each weekend morning - consistency is starting to work and I find I'm feeling great afterwards, which spurs me on. I only managed one weights workout, but I can up that to 2 this week :). I'd had a bit of a break, so I was SORE for a few days! I'm not so great on consistency with my multi, fish oil and water. I'm going to focus a bit more on them this week.

    I've got a race on Sunday, so I need to make sure I'm ready for it. I'll have my spin class as usual, and again I'll ride there and back. I'll squeeze in two weights workouts this week. I'll also make sure I eat well and have my multi, fish oil and sufficient water each day.

    1. Awesome~! I know what you mean about exercise making you feel great afterward. I'm slowly getting to realise that I'll probably never feel like doing it, but I'm always pleased I did. Yeah, I'm sore too. First lower body workout in a long time wasn't pretty the next day.. or the next, haha.

      If you get a race pic, email me and I'll put it on Fit to Blog.

    2. Alistair will be out taking photos, so I'll send you one if he gets a good one.

      I was sore for DAYS - my abs were the worst, as it's a program for riding, so focuses a lot on core strength and endurance. Here's to being less sore this week.


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