Monday, November 19, 2012

The Week in Eats

Good Afternoon! It's time for the Week in Eats. However, you'll be excited to know that with the completion of exams, I have time to tackle the 'stuff to blog' backlog, which includes that long-promised article on the psychology of long-term weight loss. I'll try and get that finished over the weekend, now that I actually have weekends!  (yayyyy!)

Later today I'm heading over to my temporary office. For the next three months I'm working from a client's premises. Just like a real job - office hours, packed lunches, drive time and weekends off (probably). It's a novelty to my brain. Yesterday I had recurring episodes of 'isn't there something I should be doing?'.  Constant study has programmed my neurons to deliver a never-ending reminder to: 'studystudystudysanastudysleepeatstudy' (nb: housework does not feature). I'll probably get that neural code dissembled in time for semester one next year :-/

I haven't photographed everything this week because dinners have been quite repetitive (protein+salad+baked kumara) and that's not interesting to view. Here are the more photogenic eats.

Avocado ganache on banana (pre-frozen protein fudge)

Buckwheat pancake with chocolate and nut butter

Bananas, buckwheat pikelets and coconut yogurt. the bananas I sauteed in coconut oil with erythritol sprinkled on them. They browned up and went slightly crunchy.. totally delicious.

To our surprise.. a buckwheat pancake. With berries and coconut yogurt.

Kumara chips, white fish, spinach from the garden.
Party Food (more pics here)

pork, kumara, salad

Venison, kumara, edamame, salad.. you may sense a dinner theme: protein, starch, veges.

Kumara and parsnip fries. I par-boiled them, then tossed with coconut oil, thyme and salt before baking for about an hour

Lunch at the Honeypot

Leftovers (study lunch)

GF Mushroom Pie from The Liberty Market - the bottom fell off..

Another 'leftovers for lunch' plate

Protein fudge - WPC, avocado, coconut oil, erythritol, vanilla, salt


  1. How do you get your coconut yoghurt nice & thick? Mine's like a drink, I could add rum & pineapple for a probiotic pina colada. Hmm, there's an idea...

    What am I missing? *sad face*

    1. Maybe you need to keep it in the bedroom? Haha. No probably just give it a few more days. It takes longer than regular yogurt.

    2. Oh. I'm just impatient then? Who knew...? :p

      I've used our Easiyo yoghurt maker thingie, so it's been plenty warm. It's got that yoghurty tang now, but has barely thickened at all. I've just bunged it back in for another night, will see how it looks tomorrow.

    3. You can also add an extra probiotic capsule. Sometimes it takes two, especially if you are using 'lite' coconut milk.

    4. Lastly, mine thickens a lot when it begins to cool. When it's warm the coconut fats are liquid.

  2. You should write a cooking book and use your photos, they are amazing!

    1. Thanks Chris, that's sweet of you! Maybe one day.. you never know.

  3. They look wonderful. PS I've LIebstered you on my blog. A perfect study distraction lol

    1. Thanks, will definitely do it, it's just a matter of when. Study is over now, but I'm working full time on a contract job. ;)


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