Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sauerkraut Update

The sauerkraut is ready!
This is definitely superior in taste to supermarket sauerkraut. It's also better quality, since mass-produced sauerkraut is pasteurised and contains little to no probiotic bacteria. This home-made kraut reminds me of some I got from the Lotus Heart stall at a Farmer's Market. Worth the effort.

I wish I'd planted more cabbages this year. The Programmer does the planting and purposely bought less cabbage seedlings. I do recall saying something about how much cabbage we had last year. It might  have been 'ew, why so much cabbage?'.

:-/ Oops.

I've  been mixing this kraut into salads to add some zing, and the plan for tonight's dinner is to use it to jazz up some vege sausages. I'm not generally a fan of tofu, but found some faux-sausies in the fridge, unused from Mamasana's party last weekend.

I think this basic fermentation procedure might work with other veges too. Has anyone tried that?


  1. Yip - carrot and beetroot work really well too :) YUMMO!

    1. ooo.. do you do the salt massaging bit?


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