Friday, November 16, 2012

Nice Day for It..

'It' being a public holiday for the rest of Christchurch and a biostatistics exam for me.

In spite of an unwelcome attack of my old buddy insomnia last night, and then a doubly unwelcome attack of the feline-that-must-be-fed-NOW, the exam went well. I've been pointlessly torturing myself over whether 'litter' really is a fixed effect (it might be random), but otherwise, no real issues. I managed to get the code into SAS, which obliged by spitting out almost comprehensible output, and that's more than I was hoping for.

After the exam, I refused to do anything except be taken out for lunch at The Honeypot. They do a chicken, avocado and bacon salad that never disappoints. 

No slimy avocado here.

The Programmer got a seafood chowder.

Fully fueled, we headed to the mall to get started on the major mission of the weekend: Mamasana's 60th. Today was shopping for presents and outfits (50's theme), and tonight features the biggest explosion of productivity ever seen in Sara's kitch.

I'm thinking:
  • macaroons
  • vegan death by chocolate cake (there will be vegans there) or avocado ganache cake
  • a huge kumara salad
  • homemade hommus with raw veges and all sorts of crackers
  • fruit platter
I also need to make a kombucha haul tomorrow morning.

On the way home we took my new car through an automatic car wash. What an experience!

It looked, and smelled, like the car was being swallowed by bubble gum. It was also very.. private, with all the windows covered like that. Who knows what goes on in cars with the windows obscured and the occupants fearing digestion by bubble monster?  

The car wash also managed to reveal evidence of a few hastily patched defects on the reverse bumper. I've noticed minor deviations from what should be perfect lines in the panels  too, when the light is at the right angle. I wonder if the car has a violent history? 

Once home, I celebrated my lucky escape from the bubblegum car foam by munching a few pieces of protein fudge (basically the ganache part of the avocado ganache cake, but with some WPC added). Little bombs of fat, protein and nom-nom-nominess.

And now, heading into late afternoon, what must I do before attempting macaroon alchemy? I must get my stretch on.

Due to study fretting, yesterday I was very naughty. I skipped yoga. Generally the F3 Challenge is going to plan (my spreadsheet for week two is here), but I am well aware that I'm heading into "the abyss".  I can feel it. That's the 3-4 week mark where you feel that the efforts have been ongoing but the results are not yet mind-blowing. The 'four week freak' is so common that every fitness program should come with a personal mentor that shows up on your doorstep on week three, day one and stays for two weeks. They only have one job: to say to you 10 000 times a day 'you will succeed and it will be worth it'. No other thoughts shall persist.

It is just two more days until the second Festive Fitness Focus check-in. As it's unlikely that personal motivation is going to just turn up, my plan is to psych myself into staying committed. I think that saying things like 'you will succeed' and 'do it, Sara!' out loud would be fine. People generally expect that sort of nuttiness these days, don't they?

F3 Challengers: Do you have a plan to keep your motivation tanked up?


  1. I'm not sure you can call it a "plan", but mine mainly involves sourcing wicked new recipes (wicked in flavour and nutrition, not in calories, of course) so I don't get bored. To that end, I've just made a batch of coconut yoghurt and it's basking in the sun by the window beside me.

    Plus, you know: lying to myself outrageously about "only doing one set" or "just do five minutes and if you still feel like quitting, you can". What is WRONG with my brain that I fall for that every time? Hmm.

    Yay for completing the semester! Party on, sista!

    1. I lie to myself too. I say 'if you do the workout you can have a BIG CHOCOLATE BAR'. And, it's not really lying, because I 'could', but by the time I get to the end of the workout, I don't feel like it. I feel fitter and like I don't want to mess that up.

    2. I've been using the "just start" trick too. Not feeling like my spin class, I convince myself that it's quicker and easier to ride down (which it is) and that that's all I have to do. Soon followed by, "I paid for this, I'm not going to miss it".

  2. YUM that fudge looks awesome - and your plans for your Mum's 60th sound delicious.

    Motivation? What's that? I'm lacking a lot of it today - just want to do NOTHING. It's too hot ;)

    Oh Honeypot - where is the new one? My friends started the original one on Lichfield - their nachos were the BEST!

    1. It's in Syndenham, I can't really explain where, because none of the familiar landmarks are there to locate it by! It's pretty much next to where the 'old Sydenham town' was/is (most of it is still there).

  3. I've been a bit lacklustre on the food front this week - a 3 day conference has derailed me. As a result of the conference and total craziness and upheaval at work I've not had much energy for working out either. I felt great after my spin session last night :) Talking to Anna Meares (track champion) was awesome yesterday and really fuelled my workout.

    I was still heading downwards in weight at the start of the week, but don't know where I sit now. Don't want to know after conference food!

    I'll head out for a ride in the morning, then I have a race on Sunday morning, so my exercise week won't be too bad ;)

    I'm worried the week 3 slump visited me early! Maybe it's over now??? I can hope that for sure.

  4. I hope my comment didn't just get eaten :(

    1. nope! I think part of the four week freak is that, being female, and cyclical, in any four week timeframe it is common to have one week where there is either no loss, or even an undeserved gain. Conference food is usually heinous. But, most of the immediate bloat is just because the sodium content is sky high. That only takes a few days to fade away.

    2. I'm hoping for it to clear in a couple of days, but that'll likely be masked for other reasons and another week of bloating. Oh well, you do what you can :) Maybe I'll have a "whoosh" moment the week after next?


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