Monday, November 12, 2012

Minty Smoothie, Sana stuff, Yoga and Yogurt

Welcome to Monday!

After a busy day of work, linear regression (stats revision) and Vinyasa Flow from Yogadownload, I've got a moment to relax, blog and down a post-yoga smoothie. It's a little bit green.

After Charlotte revealed that she puts silverbeet in her smoothies, I bravely decided to try it. I even asked The Programmer to harvest some while he was doing man stuff with the raised gardens.

Yup, that should be enough.

This stuff seems to grow all year and right now is literally bulging the walls of the covered gardens. It doesn't even mind being squashed daily by Miranda - the only cat small enough to squeeze under the garden covers. She treats the gardens like her personal sunroom.

One of the reasons today was a bit nutty is that the new batch of WPC has been flying out the door (I think summer bodies are being made all over NZ and Aussie). I acquired a bag for ... erm.. quality control purposes with the intention to try the silverbeet smoothie. When the moment arrived though, the green veg mood was not on me (maybe tomorrow?). I grabbed a huge handful of mint leaves instead and the result was just right: delicious with a refreshing mint buzz. 

Minty Smoothie

WARNING, gratuitous product placement. You can use your favourite brands or vegan alternatives, but I'm going to link up the Sana product pages for anyone that likes our stuff. I always feel funny talking about the biz, because I don't want the blog to seem like advertising. But at the same time, it's a huge part of what I do, and the goings on might sometimes be interesting to foodies. I'm conflicted.

Anyway, below are the ingredients to the minty smoothie of your dreams:


While I'm blabbing about Sana, it was an incident-filled day at the biz. Apart from the seasonal WPC crazies, we also had the mysterious case of 'where in the world is our psyllium?'. Somehow the Sana psyllium shipment ended up at the wrong manufacturer and it took me several stressy hours to track it down. It seems that it got caught up in a large shipment going to a very big deal manufacturer and was accidentally offloaded there. Oopsies.

I was anticipating a documentation nightmare to get it back, but, in despite my pessimism, everyone was beyond helpful and tomorrow morning it will be in its rightful home. So, customers with psyllium batch LG1112, your product had some special adventures on the way to you. Such is the daily excitement of running a food business. Psyllium is especially interesting because nobody can spell it. All phonecalls about it contain this snippet: "it's psyllium, no, not 's' 'y', it starts with 'p', I know, crazy isn't it? So that's 'p' 's' 'y' 'double l'.. right, you've got it".

Finally, to round out the victorious tone of the post, at last, after nearly six days...

The latest batch of coconut yogurt, it yogged. I was beginning to wonder if I had a dud batch of probiotics, but no, it just needed more consistent warmth (moved it to the bedroom where we have a night heater).

Let's talk: Green smoothies. Are you a fan? Any favourite ones?

What do you think when bloggers post about, or link to, their business? 
If you have a business yourself, do you blog about it? 


  1. I think you should totally link up to Sana Direct - this is a FOOD/nutrition blog so I'm sure readers would love to be able to get some of the products you use in your recipes :)

    The smoothie sounds so delicious - refreshing! I love mint. Oh and is one of my favourites - such great variety of classes!

    1. Oh, me too, such a fan of yogadownload. I'm into my second week of regular practice again and beginning to de-kink. I've moved my practice to the early evening, just because in the mornings it's so much harder. I wake up as stiff as a board, can't even touch my toes. So creaky.

  2. I had a green smoothie today - our ingredients were very similar!

    With the business stuff - I don't mind at all - because it's within the realms of being useful for others. I don't like people pimping for the sake of pimping but that's not the case in this post. Besides, your erythitol rocks!

    1. Thanks, I think I have a complex about it all. When I talk to people about supplements, I always wonder if they think I'm trying to make a sale. Maybe you have the same thing when discussing training. Perhaps I just need to own it and not be so self conscious!

    2. Not at all. I'm very much 'take it or leave it' with any coaching or training I do - I figure, I am who I am and if I appeal to someone then they'll usually get in touch. That said, I'm retiring from the coaching game for a bit. I'm just enjoying doing my own stuff.

      And I sense the same vibe from you - just wish you were in Oz though :)

  3. I like hearing about Sana. It seems like a cool little business with some character. Also, cat pics never go astray. Is the diet working for Razzy?

    1. Green smoothies are girl food.

    2. Re: Razzy diet. Anything I say would only incriminate me. I've had no success in getting him to fill in his nutrition spreadsheet. He hasn't even done it once. He has no motivation.

  4. I hate when a blog is ALL business-pimping all the time... that turns me right off and I just delete it from my reader. Otherwise, mentioning business stuff in blog posts now and then is perfectly fine. Link away! I think the food and cat pics balance it out nicely. ;)

    I like spinach in my pancakes, so green smoothies don't freak me out. I haven't actually got around to trying on yet though, only because there never seems to be room in my nutrition plan for shakes and smoothies. They're kind of hard to do at work and I don't fancy them as a substitute breakfast (my favourite meal) or dinner. Maybe I'll work one in on weekends as part of my Festive Fitness challenge?

    1. I'm going to be an office girl over my xmas 'break', and know that foody organisation is going to have to change. I could probably get away with a blender in the lunch room. I mean, they are hiring me for my nutritional know how and could probably handle a bit of temporary weirdness.


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