Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kraut! Bug Murder, F3 Challenge within a Challenge

Today I nearly fell off the wine wagon (or should that be: back onto the wine wagon?). Having sorted out a quicker route home, I made a supermarket trip and.. hello, free samples. So tempted. The pressures of the day could have been eliminated just . like . that. But no.

Surprising both myself and the naughty pitchfork-wielding Sara that was perking up on my left shoulder, I pushed the trolley right on past. Nothing to see here. Once home I biffed dinner in the oven then involved myself in some real stress relief - pushups and pullups.  The upper body workout. My favourite thing!!  With two exclamation marks, I am almost convinced. Halo Sara wins. For today.

After all that drama, I finally got around to creating a new form of life in the kitch.

This is sauerkraut happening. I used this technique, realising after two minutes that I'd clearly performed the krauting and the workout in the wrong order. Jelly arms there.

It's quite amazing. I thought my jar would be far too small but as the water leached out, the cabbage diminished in volume. There are four cups of cabbage in this 400ml jar:

I shall now impatiently await the results.

While trying to accelerate the process by speed chopping the cabbage before washing it, I accidentally committed murder.  I hacked a poor slug into five bits! Ew.  It was completely traumatising. I console myself with the thought that it was a very quick end.  I don't know why I feel so bad. I can eat an animal that someone else dispatches, but when it comes to bugs in the produce, I  go to any lengths to save them and set them free.

I suffered the guilts over Mr Slimy, but had relatively few issues with roasting up Mr Clucky for dinner. Is anyone else illogical in this way?


Chicken salad with roast kumara, asparagus and sauteed onions and mushrooms.

F3 Challengers: the end of week three is racing up! It's time to fire up the determination and really make things happen. Shall we all resolve to reach a new level (of effort, compliance, training intensity) in week four?


  1. Absolutely with you on the bug killing. I mean, OK, I eat dead animals, but I'm not a MURDERER. Geez.

  2. Ha, that's hilarious about your slug-slaying-guilts!

    Yay for kraut! I love the stuff - it's annoying how SO much only creates a tiny amount though (I'm greedy!)

  3. Hmm, I haven't had kraut in years. Do you have a good recipe? Poor old slug, he lived a risky life.

    1. I used this recipe (there is a link, but for some reason they are not showing in blue as they should):
      Nothing complicated. You can add things to it I think, but as my first try, I'm keeping it simple.

  4. OMG that poor slug.. but I also feel like throwing up! I can't stand slugs in me food! If I found half a slug in me salad I would be tipping the rest into the compost bin!
    Cannot, will not... eat slugs.
    Are you sure you found all of him?????? ha ha ha

    1. I think so! I was a bit paranoid about it and washed the rest of the cabbage several times anyway!


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