Sunday, November 04, 2012

Here We Go!

I'd like to pretend this was me early today, but actually, that pic was a few weeks ago. Someone was up early to greet this most important day of Festive Fitness Focus #1, but that wasn't me.

Apparently, the sunrise was a little disappointing. It's all to do with the position of the clouds. If they are low on the horizon sunrise is a bit 'meh'. I still think it's pretty. It's moody pretty.

The Programmer is on a mission to capture the perfect sunrise (and also to plant the perfect herb garden, judging by what is going on in the yard today).

Day #1 is going fine over here (check up on me here). I've run into a problem with snacks, as all of my busy-day grab 'n go snacks have dried fruit in them. I had the same problem when I did Junkfree Jan and managed to get around it. I think I ate a lot of kumara chips and almond butter...

Today's post will be short, as tomorrow I have my Advanced Sports Nutrition Exam and it's pretty intense.  I've spent the day getting to know creatine and caffeine. Unfortunately, nothing I've discovered has lead me to conclude that I must resume caffeine consumption ASAP. Unless I decide to take up endurance sports, that is. To be real, that's probably not going to happen.

Oatbran with an egg, berries, coconut yogurt
Beef casserole - hooray for freezer food.
I've also got the buckwheat sprouting.

I'm going to have to get super organised for this challenge, because I've taken up a contract job from immediately after exams until mid-Feb and won't be working from home. I'll have to.. think ahead, pack food and deal with office lolly jar temptation, just like everyone else. Oh, the trauma.

There will probably be no post tomorrow or Wednesday due to exammies (so cute and lovely), but on Thursday I'll be doing a Festive Fitness Challenge round up, so if you are in, and haven't yet announced yourself, please leave a comment on this post

So far I've got:
MTB girl

Anyone else?

The rock in the background is 'Shag Rock', currently renamed to 'Shag Pile' after the Feb 2011 quake. Anyone else?


  1. I got your email Miss S - I'll play - have to see what I need to do (I'm a bit disorganized)

  2. Yip, I'm in :) I think that sunrise pic is gorgeous.... is it the estuary near Sumner?


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