Thursday, November 08, 2012

Festive Fitness Focus Roll Call

How are you doing on your F3 Challenge? The reason I named it the Festive Fitness Focus Challenge is because focus and prioritising is something I've been pushing to the back of my brain for too long. I can't even tell you how many times this year I've cracked into a fitness program, only to wander off the path within a week.

It's not even that I sat around and argued myself into not exercising. It's more like, I just got busy and forgot. See..?  priorities.  I would never forget that Fridays are Project Runway day, would I?

So far we have 11 participants:

Amanda (MTB Girl)

What I'm hoping will happen is that everyone will do a weekly check-in post or email me their spreadsheet once a week. What actually will happen, may or may not be exactly this. 'Going with the flow' is the real plan.

Also, if you want to jump in at any stage, that's fine. Seven weeks becomes six, becomes five, but there is always a chance to be fitter by the 23rd.

Today's breakfast. sprouted buckwheat and berries with coconut milk.
Because of exams, and a certain lack of pre-preparation, there was a little too much chocolate munching this week, and I had a glass of wine last night. BUT, exercising has been happening. I'm feeling Tuesday's upper body workout, which was simply:

Low pullups
Reverse Flyes
DB raises 

3 x 15 of each.

It turns out that after a long lay-off, you should not assume you can still crank out 15 push ups. The humiliation of having to do 'kneesies' will motivate me to get my strength back, that's for sure. Oh, the shame... Razzy was laughing at me.

Some eats:

Lunch yesterday, leftover chicken and brocolli bake with a pecorino crust
Last night's dinner: lamb salad, asparagus, there is some baked kumara hiding under there. A little shallot dressing. Sorry, it's a bit gross for the vegan readers. I should have hid all that meat away a little bit.. the plate is smaller than it looks here.
Feel free to do a check in comment, link up to a good recipe, offer some awesome fitness motivation or just brag about how you've rocked it all week with a smile on your dial. :D  


  1. Mmm, check-in... I'm getting off to a slow start and also just CANNOT BLOG at the moment (no idea what's up with that, just not feeling the bloggy love right now). But I'm doing it. Um, kind of.

    I promise I will get my act together over the weekend, get organised for a less scattered effort next week and make myself write a blog post.

    There you go: a check-in of a sort. :)

    1. Woohooo! You are doing fine. I had two days last week of being out of the house from 8.30 to 5.30 and realised just how bloody difficult it is for people working outside the home to be organised and fit everything in. It's not like the cats did housework while I was out either.. although they did try and trip me up and deafen me with meows when I came in the door, and their evening feed was 25 minutes late.


I love to hear from you! Tell me what's in your brain, your heart or your dinner plate :D.