Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fast Food

Well, I'm having a ball working from a shared office. I can't blog too much about secret squirrel client jobs, but this one is a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Of course, I'm still in that awkward phase where I'm anxious about stanking up the place with my salmon noodles and definitely didn't feel brave enough to pull out the Nikon.

Tomorrow might be the day to start letting the foodie weirdness show. ;) A little bit at a time.

As regards keeping up the healthy eating, I do have a loose system for when I'm out of the house during the day. My major strategy is to cook more-than-enough at dinner, and pack some for lunch the next day. 

Tonight's dinner:


Bacon wrapped de-boned chicken thighs.
The salad-ised version: no bacon
(pickled ginger, in case you were wondering..)

The leftovers for tomorrow:

Why is my lunch on the ground? I'm tired of white balance issues under the kitchen light. There was just enough natural illumination to take a pic outside, but not inside. It was a toss up: low-light or unfixable yellow glare. Just pretend not to notice the slight blur. I'm not a statue.

In order to make snacks more foolproof, I've relaxed the dried fruit rule. Apparently these (below) are the best bars I ever made. Programmer comments like this make me wish I could be bothered recording recipes more accurately, or.. ummmm... at all.  

From memory, the ingredients were: dried apricots, prunes, goji berries, maca, pinch of salt and coconut oil. They were made in a hurry last night. Minimal fuss - I just threw the fruit, maca and salt in the food processor and stuck it all together with melted coconut oil. These bars are currently residing in my client's office freezer, just waiting to give someone a 'what the hell is that?' moment.

Apart from dinner, my main achievement this evening has been to set up some ferments. 

Anyone up for a coconut yogurt race? We could all start today and see who has the best yogging skills and advanced yogurt-care techniques.  I envisage women all over the globe tenderly carrying pots of coco-yog everywhere. We could start a revolution. 

The cabbage is all ready to become sauerkraut (on the 'to-do' for tomorrow) and that's a new batch of buckwheat just started soaking. I discovered the hard way that three days is really too long for sprouted, processed buckwheat to ferment for. After a few minutes of 'woooah, where is that smell coming from?', I found it.  Over-fermented buckwheat mash is a portal to sulphurous hell. 

That's it from me for the night. I hope your week is starting strongly. If things are dragging, just remember that it's only five weeks until Christmas! Today I found organic Christmas icecream and had to part with $15 to make it mine (the precious..). It's got rum soaked raisins and cherries in it. Who could say no?


  1. My batch of coco-yogo from Saturday is still dragging its feet. It tastes great, but is definitely drinking, not eating consistency. It's getting one more go in the yoghurt maker overnight, and it better start to thicken up. Or else.

    My work lunch strategy is usually the same as yours - cook double quantities of dinner and pack up leftovers. Tandoori chicken tomorrow with rice and greens.

  2. That ice cream sounds gooood!

  3. Yum to that ice cream!

    I'll have to try to make some of those bars if they're THAT good :)

    I'm looking forward to a couple of days off to get the freezer stocked up for a good few weeks of craziness leading up to Christmas.

  4. Oh YES rum & raisin ice cream sounds like the perfect excuse for a splurge. Things ferment SO quickly here in QLD - kombucha only takes about 4 days, and kefir maybe 10 hours - it's great!

    Oh those bars sound awesome!

    1. Maybe you could do a kefir post? I've no idea how to make that, or even what it really is!


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