Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lower-Sugar Avocado Ganache, F3 Check-In

Yesterday I realised that my fruit bowl contained six gorgeous avocados, all at the perfect stage of ripeness. Something had to be done.

Avocado Ganache Cake, sort of...
I considered other ways to use avocado, but I couldn't think of any that can be frozen. You can't freeze avocado pasta sauce that's for sure. Generally avocados behave badly when frozen, but as part of an avocado ganache, there are no probs.

As I'm gallantly fighting off a cold, I didn't bother with making a base this time. I just repurposed some goji/maca bars that were in the fridge ready to be cut up.  

I wanted to lower the sugar content of the ganache, so replaced the sugar with erythritol, but used more of it.

Therefore, for this version, the base is anything your internal kitchen genie can invent, and the ganache is this:

4 ripe avocadoes (flesh)
2 cups cocoa
1 cup erythritol
1/2 cup (~100g) maple syrup
150g (~5oz)* coconut oil
Tbsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp salt

* I've had a request from an American reader to start expressing recipe measurements in cups instead of grams and this is fine, not everyone has a food industry counting scales in their kitchen ;)  However, with the coconut oil, I forgot to stuff it into the cup, and I think the best way is to estimate by the size of your starting jar (i.e. if you have a 400g (14 oz) jar of coconut oil, use just under half of that).

BTW, yes, that's a lot of cocoa


Put the erythritol in a saucepan with 2tbsp water and let it simmer until it is clear with no gritty bits.

Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat and let it melt.

Mix all other ingredients together in the food processor, adding the coconut oil and liquid erythritol when they are ready.

Pour over the base and freeze for at least two hours.

Any leftover ganache mix can be frozen separately - it makes a great fudge. I added some goji berries and cacao nibs to mine before freezing. I think it would be nice with some peppermint oil added (or other, more 'adult' liquid).

The white bits are where some of the erythritol has re-crystallised. I have to admit, taking photographs of dark chocolate foods always tests my patience. It's like photographing a black cat. Any attempt to edit the photo toward more detail just gives the chocolate a horrible orangey tone.  

It's obvious that I need to keep making chocolate-laden foodstuffs until I have learned how to capture their beauty on film. I feel that may take a while... require lots of practice.

F3 Challenge Check-In

I only managed three workouts in this week, plus one day of heavy housework (I've initiated project no-clutter, to try and make our house look less like an extension of the charity barn). Also, when Mamasana turned up yesterday with a nice bottle of champagne, I.. didn't say no.

I think that having a very nice flute of bubbly to privately celebrate your mum's coming of age is ok.  Getting privately sloshed by yourself while cooking dinner Monday to Thursday, is not.  

Results on the de-larding front are mixed. My work pants are definitely looser around the waist, but weight is holding steady at 58.6kg. I'll give it another week before changing anything at this stage and endeavour to be more focused this week. The mid 58's seem to be my 'go-to' weight. That is, if I get heavier that that, it's pretty easy to get back there, and if I get down in the 57's or 56's, it is all too easy to rebound to 58.5 with a few days of overly relaxed eating. I think most people have this 'spring to' level with bodyfat.

I'm trying to overcome that sticking point without doing anything crazy. It's going to take patience: something I'm naturally endowed with.. not.

A positive development that I noticed early last week is increased energy levels and better sleep. The increased energy tanked on Thursday, but I think that's due to whatever virus is currently battling with my immune system.

Ok, let's hear how week three went for you! 
Check in via the comments, or send me your spreadsheet. I'm sure you all did much better than me!

Nb: Just one month until Christmas! That's still time enough to see a big improvement.


  1. My week wasn't much better. :) I was sick the first part, then recovering from exhaustion the second.

    1) Workouts 4 good, 3 not
    2) Meals okay 3 days
    3) Water correctly consumed 6 days.

    Go me!

    1. Well, you checked in, and that's a step in the right direction. It's that change of seasons time, I guess, where everyone is getting a bit sick. Next week, VICTORY! :D

  2. Ha, "internal kitchen genie" - love this.

    Those bars look amazing.... love everything about these. Just got some goji berries too, so might try and fashion something similar.

    You should try making avocado ice cream - I just add cacao, sweetener, coconut oil, avo and blend, freeze - delicious :)

    I wouldn't say no to a good glass of bubbles either ;)

    1. Yes, I have made avocado icecream before. That's a great idea. Also, although your recipe has no quantities, I feel I can follow it ;)

    2. Oh, the recipe for the bars is: put stuff you like in the processor, mash it and stick it together with coconut oil.

    3. mash it more or less, depending on how chewy you want it. Add more or less coconut oil, depending on how firm you want it.

      Got that?

  3. Hi Sara, have updated my blog. Cheers, Charlotte

    1. I'm so impressed! You've definitely motivated me to be more organised this week.

  4. Well this week was....interesting!

    I have ridden the bike 4 days in a row now, with 2 being killer spin sessions. Food has left a bit to be desired.

    Looking forward to a more settled week this week now that I know my new boss for the next two months (or more?!?) doesn't have horns. Also looking forward to the run into Christmas and some time off.

    Unfortunately it's out end of financial year, so I expect it to be fairly tough, plus we're probably having a restructure....I don't need more than one of them a year, thank you very much! This is number 2 for this year.

    Onwards and upwards. In happy news, I'm definitely getting fitter and stronger on the bike :) Almost ready for friends to come to visit for Tour Down Under in January. A few more weeks and I'll get my new bike too. Squeee!!!

    1. Good on you for checking in! Sounds like a trying time for anyone... Not to worry, there is still a month to go. Let's make week 4 brilliant!


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