Thursday, November 29, 2012

Activated Almonds

A few weeks ago, Australian chef Pete Evans published what has been described as a 'pretentious' list of his daily eats, inspiring a twitterslide of comment and much Facebookery. 

There was also a feisty discussion about it all over on Liz's blog, for anyone that wants to catch up on the goss.

What seemed to captivate Tweeters everywhere was his use of 'activated almonds'.

It's true that the description is a little ..erm.. non-descriptive

What are 'activated almonds'?

Activated almonds are simply soaked almonds that have begun to sprout. This process, which generally takes 24 hours, de-activates the enzyme inhibitiors in the nut and makes the nutrients in it easier for the body to absorb. 

An almond won't actually sprout like a mung bean, or even like buckwheat, but it will form a little, tiny nub at the growing end. Once this happens, it's activated.

I activate my almonds, then usually I drain them then blanch them by immersing them in boiling water, and easily pop off the skins. The boiling water stage does remove the 'raw' factor, but I'm not concerned about that.

I think I'll start referring to my buckwheat pancakes as activated buckwheat pancakes. They might become an internet sensation.


  1. Ha, it's so funny, isn't it? I love a good activated almond ;)

  2. I still haven't given my activated almonds a shot yet :) But I'm going to!

  3. He's still a pretentious twat. Never heard of him before the whole Twitter thing.


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