Friday, November 02, 2012

A Good Day

Every pukeko is a nutcase, every day, all the time.
They have no zen, they are just all scat, scat, scat and then lead
their babies out in traffic, probably because they
forgot they have babies.
I don't know why exactly, but today I feel calm and focused, whereas yesterday I was a nutcase.

For the record: focused exam study and buying a house are probably mutually exclusive activities. Did I mention this already? We are buying a rental property. Doing so is especially tricky in Christchurch right now because everyone has outstanding earthquake claims, and getting insurance involves jumping through 30 hoops of fire. Then standing on one hand for twenty minutes, without frowning or swearing at anyone. The last part is very hard for a potty mouth like me.

It seemed that every time I sat down to revise there would be a sudden urgent need to locate some obscure paperwork or fill in forms for the bank, the lawyer or the insurance company and by about 4 p.m. I was extremely tense and in tears. 

Naturally, I also chose this exact moment to complain to my course supervisor about certain aspects of a paper that I'm not doing so well in.  In retrospect, it would have been waaaay less embarrassing to have done that with my calm face on. Live and learn. ;-/

Today I decided that this was not acceptable.  I wrote down three words in my pink planner journal:


Whenever my studies got interrupted today, I have been dealing with it, reminding myself to stay focused, relax and surrender what I can't control, and then returning to the books as soon as I can, without fretting about lost time.  It's been a much better day, and the only difference was refusing to get bullied into a negative mental state by my own crazy brain. Let's try and remember that for the future, Sara... 

There's still a lot to get through before Monday and Tuesday's exams, but at least I've got my brain running smoothly, rather than tied up in a pointless and unproductive funk.  

Foodwise, I'm practicing for the start of the Festive Fitness Focus. 

Chicken salad, pumpkin and sauerkraut

Almond butter on apples
Come on Sunday, I'm ready for you! Notice how I start on a rest day? That way if I skip training on day 1, I've still achieved. :D

Do you have any favourite or effective techniques to turn a funky mood around? 

Comment me. I'd love to hear about that time you mentally talked yourself out of smacking someone that deserved it and then went forth to win a scratchie and set a personal best in your HIIT.


  1. Nope, I'm the - what did you call it? Pukeko? We just call them swamp hens. Anyway, stress makes me completely mental, screeching like a banshee one minute and hiding under the blankets sobbing the next. The only thing known to fix it is a generous application of "happy juice" - and unfortunately the resulting hangover just isn't worth it.

    1. Mmm.. in the cause of full disclosure, I should probably admit that a 'generous' amount of happy juice did indeed get dealt to yesterday. Which, certainly helped the 'arrrrrgh!', but did nothing for the study. ;)

    2. Also, the pukeko has a permanent case of PMT or something. Those birds are crazy. Jase saw one approach a duckling and kill it, just for no reason. They live on the edge - pretty much like I felt yesterday. I was the pukeko, and everyone else was just a helpless duckling.


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