Monday, November 26, 2012

10 to 1 - Nov 25th

There won't be any exciting overseas travel pics for a while on the 10 to 1. That's because I'm a little cold phobic and try to be back in NZ for summer! I've never done a white Christmas, but when I do, I imagine it being in a ski-lodge, indulging in a little après-ski relaxation.

It could be true that I'm envisaging a whole lot more après, than ski...

Ten years ago:

Taking pics of my now-deceased cat, Jade. She could do a skilled roly-poly.

Nine years ago: The Programmer and I were living on opposite sides of the world. He sent me this pic of a sunset in York.
 Eight years ago: family trip to Kaikoura. Donegal House.
 Seven years ago: 'Did this arrive with instructions?'
 Six years ago: Miss J is on the move
Five years ago: Here's a tip for Aunties and Uncles. Do not bother learning any other ways to entertain children. Just build up your biceps so that you can perform a bazillion 'helicopters'. Doing this in water requires serious gym time. It never gets old. Children can do this for hours and hours, then throw a real tanty when you just can't take it anymore.
 Four years ago: Dinner at 'Henry Africa's' for Mum's birthday. Sadly, this awesome restaurant was yet another quake victim.
Three years ago: Top Model shows have a lot to answer for. At about this age, the sight of a camera would cause a most professional display of H to T posing and asking 'did you get the shot?'
 Two years ago. It's great being stalked by the paparazzi while you are grubbing around in the garden.. with no makeup.
 Last year: Solar Eclipse!

I hope you enjoyed that! It's always fun taking a look back through the pics and experience the memories that come flooding back.

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  1. No make up or not, that garden picture of you is fabulous!


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