Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Week in Eats - Sept 24

Two days late with the eats, but you know how it is around here.. ;-)  I once asked my niece what would be my 'Mr Men and Little Miss' name, and she thought really hard, then answered "Miss Late".

Oh. Not Miss Amazing then?


Buckwheat pancake with banana and yogurt - sprinkle is erythritol and cinnamon

Maca bar and dandelion coffee

Apple Shortcake

Various root veges and lamb/mushroom stew

Chicken and root vege 'salad' - veg are roasted with a little olive oil, chicken breast poached.

Vege attack.

Broccoli, a little roast lamb, yams

It seems I did not photograph any dinners last week. Too busy munching...


The Maca Bars are still going strong. I discovered the hard way that you should inspect the dried fruit for stones before just biffing them in the processor. A couple of times I've bitten down painfully on a fragment of what looks like an apricot stone. I'll watch out for those in the next batch! I definitely don't need a broken tooth to go with the next sports nutrition assignment.

Sports Nutrition Trivia Question:  What is a biathlon?


  1. I am so trying those maca bars.

    Love the veggies! I'm having a packed-full-of-veggies kind of week myself.

    1. I have to make another batch today. The basics are: stick a bunch of dried fruit together with a bit of coconut oil, maca powder and erythritol. I added five large scoops of unflavoured WPC to this one too (about 8g protein per bar -12 bars - you might like more). You don't taste the maca. I've experimented with different versions. Adding orange, lemon or lime juice and a bit of rind is nice too. I generally keep them in the freezer, but they held up well just wrapped in foil and carted around in my bag for four days.

  2. YUM.... your eats always looks tasty (even the meat!!) Yes yes I have hurt my teeth on many a dried fruit pit.... usually prunes (shakes fist). YUM do you have a recipe for those pancakes??

    Doesn't a biathlon have 2 sports? Making running + biking?

    1. That's a DUATHLON.

      The buckwheat pancake recipe is: a bit of buckwheat flour (or, this morning I just zapped some soaked, sprouted buckwheat in the processor), pinch of salt, something to stick it together (an egg, or just add a bit of vegan nutmilk), vanilla. Cook in a non-stick pan. Haha. Yes, it's one of those 'never make it the same way twice' recipes.... just go with what you feel.

  3. You always give me such good ideas! Could you come up with lunches that are good to take to work and don't require heating?

  4. Mmm.. cycling and kayak?

  5. All your meals look lovely... but dry? do you ever use sauces/gravys on your veg/meat meals?

    1. not gravy! ugh. I do make sauces and dressings, but usually put them on after the photo because they just hide what's in the meal. I'm basic - usually a balsamic dressing for salads or mayonnaise. For meat, I do make lots of different sauces:- red wine, bordelaise, mushroom/sourcream. I only use a little though.

  6. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Looks yummy!


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