Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Week in Eats - 8th Oct

Some things that were munched last week....

Salads, many salads of green.

Lou's amazing green hummus

Gluten Free Beefy Pie from The Liberty Market - study food.

Inventive additions to the maca bar

More salads.  It looks like we ate salmon a lot this week, but that's because the fillets are enormous and do two meals.

Vegan bars

Sprouted Buckwheat and Berries Vegan porridge

grilled kumara slices and chicken salad

Almond butter makes everything great. :D


  1. I agree, almond butter makes everything great. Oh so great.

    I always love your eats... now I just need to get Viper to eat more like this... he loves his salmon/chicken.... just need to amp up the greens. Does the Programmer eat like you?

    1. He is a fan of the home-made bars of all descriptions, that's for sure :D Generally he eats what I eat, except that for his plate I'll bump up the carbs - rice, pasta, bread or even those pre-made chippies and wedges or hash browns from the supermarket. I'm lucky because he takes an interest in healthy eating, even going so far as to lay a complaint if I've been feeding him 'big chunks of protein' too often. He is also going through a gluten-free phase, judging by the new cereal I spied in the cupboard (goes through cereal like you wouldn't believe). :D I'm mounting a campaign to let him make him packed lunches. I think he's imagining opening a bucket of salad in front of his workmates. How uncool.

    2. I mean 'let ME make him packed lunches'. Then again, do I want to be his mum?

  2. That green hummus looks scrumptious!!


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