Monday, October 01, 2012

Pics from the Weekend of WOW

I'm ex-haust-ed. What a weekend!

Below are some pics from the last couple of days. Funnily enough, although I told myself I could be really bad and eat whatever, the baddest thing I ate (apart from - oh - 'a few' vinos) was this morning's porridge. It featured maple syrup, about 20 bananas, real cream and came in a bowl that was approximately bucket-sized. It was so good

For those that don't know, the 'World of Wearable Arts' is a kind of fantasy fashion show, with nil focus on 'ready to wear' and with much attention to the artsy-fartsy. We were threatened with alien 'probing' for anyone that took pics during the show, so I didn't (that alien looked real to me). 

It is not just a show, but also an international competition. This year's winners can be seen on this link and there are more pics of the entries here.

Pics from the Weekend.
(all phone pics I'm afraid - there is no room for my Nikon in the clutch purse)

Mum's new boyfriend.

Famous breakfast at the railway station cafe. Incomparably good.

Wait, maybe this is her new boyfriend?

My mum and cousin

Wearable Art from Previous Years

The warm-up 'ragtime' band.

After Partying

The only pic of me - at the after-party!

My glass is empty! How.. very unusual.

My cousin knows what I like for breakfast. She looked after me really well.

Pre-WOW dinner at the kebab house. 

Now may I please sleep for a week? Oh... stuff to do.

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  1. DYING of jealousy. I went to one in Nelson but can't get to Wellington since they moved it. It really is special.


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