Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Goop

You may recall that back in my phone camera days, I had a certain obsession with the 
Oh She Glows Avocado Pasta Sauce.

I liked it in so many ways, including just to look at. It's so fluoro.

To my intense happiness, avocados are back in season! Yayyyy! 

There has been much food processor activity.

Avocado pasta sauce actually doing duty as a pasta sauce (on Slim Pasta).

And, spicing up a gluten-free beefy pie the next day. I added some sauteed onions to it, in case you are wondering what the strange decoration is.

Depending on when I manage to complete my 'Calcium Paradox' paper, I have another avocado mission in mind.

I have a plan.

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  1. I LOVE the River Cottage stuff - that recipe sounds amazing :) Oh and avocado is good ANY TIME for me... one of Misty's favourites too!


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