Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Festive Fitness Focus

Well, you all know what I've been up to!

It's not just what the thumbnail pic  might suggest...

SNUT = Sports Nutrition.

I took that pic two days ago, which means that yesterday I sat my first exam of the semester: three exhausting hours of micronutrient nutrition.

Go on, ask me anything about selenium, iron, zinc, iodine, or vitamins K, C, E or A.  :-/ Actually, don't. I think everything fell out my ear half way through the exam. Maybe even my whole brain evacuated the premises...

Of course, there has been munching, mostly of the at-desk kind. This included a particularly gnarly version of the avocado ganache cake. I changed my brand of coconut oil, and this made the whole thing a lot more firm.

Or perhaps I just used more of it.  I don't often stick to a recipe or weigh ingredients. Especially when rushing about like a crazy person.

Dinners have been trending toward 'grab stuff from the fridge, blend it and make patties':
Kumara, chicken and spinach patties on portobella 'shrooms
Leftovers from the freezer have also made an appearance. Eeek. Daylight savings has messed with my white balance.

Anyways. I have an idea.  It's just over 7 weeks until christmas and all this butt sitting is not doing my fitness any good at all. I need to revise my lazy, chocolate munching ways if I want to look great over summer.

Who is up for a 7 week food and fitness focus? I thought this could start Sunday, which will take us through until the 23rd of December.

More deets tomorrow.


  1. Sounds good! Count me in and kick my butt!!

  2. Sure. I'll just add it to all my other ridiculous challenges that I'm doing concurrently. I haven't had to check myself into the nearest psychiatric hospital yet, so let's assume that means I'm not overdoing it. Yet.

    Besides, I just got my latest cholesterol test result and it is not exactly good...

  3. Hi Sara, I'd be interested to hear more about it. Cheers, Charlotte


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