Friday, October 26, 2012

10 to 1

On this day.. 10 years ago..

I was chilling out somewhere really flash!
Can't actually remember where this was. I think it was somewhere down South in NZ.

9 years ago, I was in Venice, once again, laxing.  I'd hurt my back by wearing a super heavy backpack. The wearing of it wasn't so much the issue, but I'd been sitting on the floor in the train station and got up (still wearing my backpack), twisting my back as I did so.

8 years ago. Tom Jones concert, Castle Howard - the Castle where 'Brideshead Revisited' was filmed.

7 years ago.  Not even two months old yet, but already in control.

6 years ago. A pic like this would generally suggest that someone was testing a new camera..

5 years ago. On Aunty duty

4 years ago, Still on Aunty duty. Who has not done 'the helicopter'?

3 years ago. Walking tracks near our house.

2 years ago. That famous pic of Razzy being a goober.

1 year ago. Pics of the broken city. This is before the second big quake, but after the first one. That building, The Clarendon Tower, is not there anymore. My gym was on the third floor of it.

And today...
T minus 4 days to my first exam!  Arrrrgh!


  1. I love these 10-to-1 posts!

    1. It's a nice way to revisit those pics that would otherwise just never be looked at! I should make the effort to get 2001 pics on there too (11 years ago) because I did a heap of travelling that year.

  2. Good luck for the exam! You will ace it. xxx

    1. Thx. I hope so... (worry, fret)...

  3. Wow that fancy place looks amazing - what a BATH! A nice glass of vino and that thing full of bubbles = happy days ;)

  4. Oh and GOOD LUCK for studying/exam-ing!! You'll do great :)

    1. Thanks! I wish the exams weren't all so close together! And, as for the fancy room, yes, that was quite awesome. I think The Programmer was actually working overseas and was home for just a week so we went somewhere really nice. They did an amazing champagne breakfast too - which made for such a productive day.. ;)


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