Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 to 1

Pics from the last 10 years on this day:

10 years ago:

Holidaying in Winchester, Sth Island,NZ (I still have those pants!)

9 years ago:
Venice, Italy (I still have that sweatshirt.. and that necklace)
8 years ago:

Amsterdam (I still have that top.. OMG)
7 years ago:

Back in Christchurch, NZ
6 years ago:

Something happened that year that will forever change the nature of our piccies! Miss J arrived!!
Here she is trying to work my hair clasp.
5 years ago:

More little people! I'm getting good at this 'Aunty' job.
4 years ago:

Fun times with Miss J and the glorious Sistasana (also, she is the
Sana accounts person, so say 'hello' if you are a customer)
3 years ago:

It's pretty stressful being four. Luckily Aunty Sara knows the head massage technique to relieve pre-school worries.
2 years ago:

Spring was springing and things were getting back to normal after EQ1
1 year ago:

I was discovering DEATH BY CHOCOLATE

Mog and Timmy playing on the deck
I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me! I thought 10 to 1 could be a weekly feature. I guess next year I'll make it '11 to 1' and in 50 years it will be 60 to 1 (haha, what a thought!)


  1. Do you ever throw anything out? Your wardrobe must be bursting.... ;)

  2. This is so cool! The kitties are too funny. Yes yes you must have a sizeable wardrobe ;)

  3. It must have been nice having a look back.

  4. Im loving seeing these posts...


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