Friday, September 28, 2012


A few months ago, I was at my Grandma's place, drinking too much home-made Drambuie (yeah.. about that..) and having an attack of envy, or maybe jealousy - what exactly is the difference there?

My Aunty K and Uncle M had just decided, spur of the moment, to join some sort of high-class tour party to fab destinations in Europe and the Middle East. I'm not sure of the complete itinerary, but it involved a cruise down the Nile, lounging in swimming pools and  legendary partying in some of my favourite places like Rome, Paris and Venice. 

Aunty K and Ramses II
They also got to hug Miss J and Baby G on their way through the Vaterland. ;-/ Not fair.

Sadly, the tour was so last-minute that it clashed with some pre-bought tickets to the WOW - World of the Wearable Arts show. Oh dear. What is one to do with such an expensive ticket to a wonderful event?  Give it to your niece?!? All is forgiven: sparkles, rainbows, flowers and happiness reign. :D

The Precious....

Therefore, early tomorrow I'm on a plane to Welly for the WOW. I've just started packing which has inspired a terrible fashion crisis

No matter what I wear it's going to look like I'm trying too hard. Maybe just jeans and a hoodie then? Maybe not.

I'll be back soon with piccies from the trip. As usual, there will be munching. :D


  1. I would definitely do jeans + hoodie - go ANTI fashion, and everyone will think you are making a "statement" - HA!


  2. Have a great time! I love those shows. Not that I've been to one, but even our high school ones were amazing!

  3. Have a safe trip and will be back for more photos... :)


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