Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Week in Eats

This week has been a little unusual with the four days away from home, but here's some of what I have stuffed into my face since the last Week in Eats.

Let's start with some Foodie Finds. These are all things I've discovered for the first time this week; it's always exciting and somewhat rare to see something new, read the ingredients, and not put it back on the shelf.

This locally made Mustard Makers dressing is seriously good. The flavour is amazing, and the oil is olive oil, not gak-worthy canola oil. *angels sing*

Slim Pasta. (*work alert* their site has a video with sound that starts automatically). I haven't actually tried this Aussie import yet. It's made from something called Konjac. Has anyone eaten this stuff?

Mixed berries from the OOB people. I'm on a berries with breakfast kick right now, and it's nice to get organic ones, because berries often feature in the dirty dozen as regards pesticide residue.

Another local find, Karengo and Tamarillo Chutney from Pacific Harvest. This is spicy, contains minerals from the Karengo (wild Nori) and is the perfect condiment for .. anything, really. You can't taste the seaweed.

 Breakfasts (I may be in a rut here..).

 Some Lunches

Organic Gluten Free Beefy Pie from the Liberty Market. I love it when the packet makes you think that you could have made it yourslef, but *yay*, you don't have to because somebody else did it. 

I dressed it up with a bit of that Karengo chutney. This pie tastes homemade - none of that 'hyperflavour' you get from a supermarket pie, and it's a decent size, not enormous.


Buckwheat soba noodle and chicken soup.

Encrusted Pork - roasted nuts, maple syrup, salt, thyme, olive oil.

Travel Dinners


 Maca round with almond butter; Maca bars (with 20g protein powder added to the recipe).

I hope that gives you some ideas. I'll link up the recipes as I get them done.

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And now, I'm off to look at cars. It's definitely time to replace my beloved rust-bucket. I'm thinking of a Suzuki Swift or Toyota Vitz, but if you have any recommendations for a student budget, five door, economical car with some cute factor (sooo important), please tell. :D


  1. I love that lara bar too (the cherry/choc one).It's my new fave flav and blueberry muffin is the new #2.

    1. I also love the blueberry muffin one, but the cherry/choc combination is a definite winner.

  2. Hi Sara, I've had the pasta. It's a bit like vermicelli noodles, so it's not bad with an Asian-style dish.

  3. Hi Sara, I've had the pasta. It's similar to vermicelli noodles, so I mostly had it with Asian dishes.

    1. Thanks, I was hoping it would be a bit like that. 'Bean' vermicelli noodles are great.

  4. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Concerning cars, I'm a fan of the Toyota Funcargo. Mechanically very similar to a Vitz, but hugely more practical with a gigantic rear loading area. Bikes can stand up in the back! In an attractive colour, they can look cute, though they're not to everyone's tastes.

    1. Ooo, thanks 'anonymous' (is that you, Jo?). I am definitely keen on one of those. It's roomy enough to cart all the Sana stuff I need to deliver around the place, but also not a huge vehicle.

  5. That encrusted pork looks good; will try that next time I make some pork fillets.
    I wonder if we get Lara bars here in Aus...anyone? I thought they were just in the US and Canada. Would love to try if they have them here (I forgot to look for them last time I was in the states).

    1. I'm pretty sure I have bought them in Aus. It would be very strange if they were in NZ but not Aus... *thinks*. Then again, you do have AQIS acting as rabid dog gatekeeper.


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