Saturday, September 08, 2012


First a little update on the decaf mission. You'll be so proud, I'm now over 2 weeks without coffee and not pining, apart from that mean little moment when I pass a cafe that is wafting delicious aromas.  This is, for sure, a record breaking attempt at giving up the buzz bean.

I did notice today that my green tea consumption is ascending though..

I've achieved my main objectives: I'm sleeping better, I'm less grumpy-slumpy in the afternoons, my appetite has calmed down and I'm generally more zen. To my relief, the post-caff kg has finally vanished. I'm going to stick with it.

Over the last few days I've hauled ass and am no longer hyperventilating about the assignments that must be submitted at uni next week. I still have to apply myself tomorrow, and they may not be A+ and A+, but I won't be handing in a big, fat nothing, and that's quite important. For those that took part in the Sports Nutrition Survey, I'm pleased to report that I crunched all the numbers through SAS today and...  we have a statistically significant result.  Go You! 

Extracting the data and analysing it took ages, and after all that butt-sitting, I felt the need to walkjog. Running is still slightly aggravating to my hip, so I'm doing what I can. Walking bores me a bit, so I grabbed my camera and went forth to capture spring.


Dandelions, daffodils

If you are interested in what I'm using lately for photo editing, it's Sagelight Image Editor. I'd recommend it, especially for those times when the sad incandescent kitchen glow is the only lighting around.

Like tonight.

Mmmm, still too yellow

Slightly better. Maybe too 'magenta' now? I'm no expert yet.

That was tonight's dinner. Yes, that's a whole garlic bulb. Not only does it make the house smell so very Italian while cooking, but the cloves turn to delicious mush. It's a bit messy to eat, but there is less craziness at the prep stage. Life is balance, after all.

Now I'm off to append a few things to my research report and fiddle with tables and bar charts. That's my Saturday night. What's happening at your place?


  1. Roasted garlic is the BOMB. One of our favourite things. I wonder why people don't want to sit next to me....

    Loving playing with photo editing software at the moment. I'm mostly using iPad apps, when I'm not using PicMonkey. So much fun, especially when you should be doing something else. ;)

    1. I love picmonkey too but it doesn't handle raw files. That's a big plus with Sagelight, no conversion necessary.

    2. Picmonkey is my 'go to' for camera pics though..

    3. Oh. All my photos are shot in RAW. Haven't had a problem. Hmm, that's odd. Maybe I'd better check the camera settings...

      I'm using Snapseed and Dynamic Light on the iPad - thanks to Clara's recommendation. LOVE them. Just downloaded a couple of new apps last night, will test them out while we're away. :D The iPad is busy downloading TV shows for me to watch on the plane, or I'd be playing with them now.

  2. Beautiful flower pics.... dandelions are my favourite!

    I am a garlic fiend too, roast garlic is just incredible.

    Hooray for your caffeine-free achievements, it's brilliant you are feeling the benefits :)

    1. It's such a nice time of year :D Dandelion leaves are good in salad too. I always wash them well though. There are no pesticides in my back yard, but there may very well be.. cat or dog pee.

  3. Garlic... hmmmm... do you have a partner who does not mind garlic breath then! lol
    Trying to figure out what the dark stuff is?
    Saturday night: babysitting 8 week old granddaughter. Tired as now!

    1. It's spinach! I know, it's hard to get good colours under artificial light. Some bloggers make their dinners in the afternoon just so they can photograph them properly. I'm not *that* anal. Roasted garlic is not as stinky as you'd think, plus Jase eats it too, so we can stink up the world together!

  4. Awesome pics. You have talent!


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