Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello! I've been away for four days, during which time it appears that Razzy has forgotten that he's gainfully employed as cuddly bed-warmer. He's punishing me by reverting to outside-sleeping behaviours. :-/

I woke up today, observed that my pet now prefers to sleep in the rain, checked the state of the post-absence pantry and decided it was time for a megashop.

Re-used shopping bags of course. One even broke while I was
carrying it, just to ensure an authentic experience.

Is there anything quite as satisfying as visiting two organic shops, the butcher and a new supermarket all in one morning? I don't think so.

I also grabbed the latest Organic NZ mag.

The 'letters' page was especially insightful this issue.

It looks like I wasn't the only one that thought the May/June issue's cover was controversial.., not.

I was robbed of 'letter of the month' by Mr Green, who won hearts by pining for a gumboot wearing, DIY girl of his very own. You just can't beat a guy that lets his feelings show like that. Dirty tactic, KA Green.

Let's talk about travel eats. Although there was no blogging on this trip - we had no wi-fi on the 5th floor of The Hub and then I discovered that the network card on my EeePc ist kaput - I did snap a few foodie piccies.

Before leaving, I made a batch of Maca Bars, with some added protein powder. These were great for snacks (recipe coming soon). There was some indecision when electing an ideal bar thickness.

There were other bars, for variety. This cherry-choc creation is delicious.

The Programmer's plane was several hours later than mine - like the president and vice-president, we must travel separately, especially if one of us decides to tag along at the very last minute.  So, as soon as I hit Palmy, I made a supermarket haul.

After I saw that we had a microwave, I got breakfast stuff and ate this every morning.

Oats with berries, an egg and greek yogurt. For convenience, I pretty much always eat more grains when travelling.

Lunches were usually home-made salads - chickpeas, greens and a can of tuna or salmon are easy to throw together in a resealable container. On Thursday, I put myself at the mercy of the uni cafe, and was reminded why no student should eat there. As usual, the $4 special was spicy wedges and sour cream, but I got the soggy, oily stirfried veges with some random meat and steamed rice. The rice was nicely done.

For dinners, three nights out of four we visited 'Turkish Delight'. I didn't photograph our 'eat in' meals, so you'll just have to trust me that they were enormous and packed with a pleasing amount of salad.

This is the takeaway 'pita pocket' version.

I ate  the innards of that with a few little things from the sushi shop (which I believe is actually called 'The Sushi Shop'). I avoided the raw fish.

As usual, they were overly-generous with the wasabi.

Now I'm back home; there is washing to be done, shopping to be stuffed into the cupboards, three more assignments to be written and I guess I'd better try and make up with Razzy. A few cat treats should do the trick. I know his weakness.


  1. Love your letter to the mag. You're hilarious.

    Good call on avoiding the raw fish. I am totally sympathetic, given my current confined-to-bed-in-a-foreign-country state. Ugh. I'm off anything raw, including vegetable, for the remainder of our trip.

  2. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Published! I love this 'doesn't she have something better to do.. load the dishwasher.. binge drink?' hahaha. Yes, women should do that, not BUILD STUFF. What is the world coming to?

  3. Nice letter!

    Yummo, LOVE Turkish food, especially that apple tea ..... so good.


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