Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Four Awesome Things

1. The Decaf.

It's been, what.. a month since I gave up caffeine? Well, when I say 'gave up', I'm not going crazy counting the mg's in chocolate or green tea. In the last week, I have made a profound discovery: 


I've discovered that it's easy to get to sleep. And then, it's easy to wake up. 7 a.m. feels like 9 a.m. used to. Wow. Who knew?

2. My brother is in town.

That's him below at my graduation. He's hirsute one. It's great to see him.

I really should have worn lippy that day. I look ghostly.


The supermarket opened! You may recall that in Feb 2011, the local shopping complex was wrecked by EQ2. Although that was awful, this is awesome.

I only snapped one pic on my phone because the place was packed, and I felt like a froot-loop photographing the food.

Two weeks ago, the outside looked like this. 

I had my doubts that they would be ready by opening day, but they pulled it off. Apparently there are some unfinished bits, but I wasn't inspecting for defects. I was too busy shopping like a legend.

After breathing a sigh of relief at finding an 'organics' section (organics? shouldn't it just be 'organic'?, never mind), I attempted to familiarise myself with the place, but soon realised this was not a one-visit mission. The place is huge and a little overwhelming. After wrangling my trolley through international foods, gluten-free, more organics, the bakery, kids toys, twenty thousand aisles of 'misc. packaged stuff' and an impressive fresh fish section, I mentally waved a white flag and headed directly for the wine department

It was a thrill to see my old wine guy there (such knowledge cannot be easily replaced) and to stumble upon a wine fest, with free samples flowing. :D  Such a happy day. I can once again say "I'll just pop out for some.. (sour cream/ broccoli / buckwheat.. )" and know it will take me 15 mins instead of 90.

4. The Slim Pasta.

I was a doubter, but now IIIII'm a believer.

This stuff

is not awful. In fact, it looks and tastes exactly like bean vermicelli.

Tonight I just tossed it with a little pesto, some spinach and chicken.

Good times.

What's awesome in your life right now?


  1. I saw that "slim pasta" the other day.... hate the name, but could be worth a try!

    How exciting, I shall have to check out your new favourite place when I'm back in Chch.... hooray for vino in supermarkets! I miss that :)

  2. Yes, I love those noodles too. They seem to be made mostly of water, according to the packet. I can eat a whole $6 packet at one meal though, so it won't be an everyday thing.

  3. Well done on the decaf, that's a heroic effort!

  4. I've just searched two supermarkets for Slim Pasta. Complete waste of time. :/ Perhaps they hide it somewhere other than the pasta section?

  5. Ack! The iPad HATES Blogger. It lets me write half a comment and then has a spaz attack and refuses to play any more. >.<

    So, well done on the de-caffing! That's all. x


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