Thursday, September 06, 2012

Eats from the Week (so far)

I'm experimenting with early morning workouts at the moment, seeing as by mid-afternoon I'm usually in rush, rush, rush mode. One happy side-effect of this? Suddenly I'm far more interested in breakfast :D

Here are some eats from this week, let me know if you like this and I'll make it a regular feature:


Bowl of Everything: something for one of those 'I feel like something different' days. The blob is raw manuka honey.

Oatbran cooked with an egg and some sea salt. Banana, yogurt and maple syrup

I'm such a yam fan.

Snacks (sorry, these are camera phone pics)

Bean pattie and avocado with a side of brain powering
Omega 3's.
Leftover omelette. Cacao nibs.

Avocado sauce (avo, olive oil, lemon juice, salt) on a
portobello 'shroom

What was inside the packet above
Maca Rounds

Dinner (again with the camera phone)

This is the only dinner pic I have this week... obviously there was too little time between plate and mouth on most nights.


Sanity food

And now.. back to the books! Yup, it's party central around here.  You would not believe the excitement to be found in a research paper on knowledge vs. behaviour in recreational athletes. It's.. it's ... like The Da Vinci Code, but with less tweed and more adidas.

Convinced? :D


  1. That Bowl of Everything looks goood!

    1. Probably the most exciting meal of the week :-/

  2. I LOVE Eternal Delight, they have the best stuff (and they are such a sweet couple!) Good luck on the research paper :)

    1. Thanks! It's a monster project, involving number crunching with the SAS program. Ideally I could have another 5 days with it, but ... I've heard genius can happen under pressure..

  3. Good to see you're remembering to eat.


    1. Forgetting to eat is probably not something that will ever happen to me... haha.

  4. I'm a total morning workout person; have been for the 25 years I've been weight training. I occasionally do afternoon weights when I'm visiting the states...if I go with a friend or relly that workouts in in the arvo; but I find I'm just not as into at that time of day.

    And guess what I've added carb back into my post workout meal. Enough experimening for me; what worked for the last 15-20 years still works now. :-0

    I'm trying to figure out what else is in that first bowl up there...fruit, honey...eggs? chocolate? just really curious now! :-)

    1. I just have a hard time extracting myself from whatever my brain is working on if I train later. More than once, I've started working out, had *an idea* that needed to be captured right then, and had to race off and add it to my report. Not great for training. Now, let's see.. in my bowl of awesome there was: oat bran with two eggs (nuked), chocolate (G&B 85%), honey, almond butter and raspberries. I'd definitely recommend it.
      I'm just starting the nuts and bolts of my report now and am beginning with a little blurb about the many conflicting sources of fitness nutrition info. It's a jungle, that's for sure.

  5. Anonymous7:36 pm

    I also am a fan of putting things on mushrooms. I've always loved them, from when we used to collect them as kids (and fry them in butter, naturally).

  6. I normally like Eternal Delight stuff, but I tried that bar and found it really dry. The flavour was ok, but it did fall apart, like in your pic. That's the buckwheat one, right? Oodles of loose buckwheat kernals that went all over my desk. Uh!


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