Monday, August 06, 2012

Buckwheat Porridge, Chia and Educated Cats

My kitchen bench is usually an extravaganza of foods that are sprouting or fermenting. 

It is actually a zoo of healthy bacteria in there (except when I leave the buckwheat too long and it turns into.. something else, definitely not healthy).

Sprouted Buckwheat Porridge is currently popular at casa Sara. It's pretty easy 
if you have the technology.
You just take your sprouted buckwheat:

 and mush it in the little processor (or larger one if you don't have the mini attachment)
 Add whatever. 
In this case, vanilla, cinnamon, a pinch of salt and erythritol. 
If you are a raw foody, you can just mix it and eat like that.
 I like to nuke mine for a minute, which does dehydrate it somewhat. I probably overdid the one below. This morning I added banana and coconut milk.

That bowl of yum got me fueled up for activities on the work and study front (but did not stretch so far as getting me to do the vacuuming, funnily enough). Work involved accepting delivery of the chia seeds, organising packing and adding them to the site.
 Study is getting intense. Don't you wish your desk looked like this?
I keep telling myself to just get into it, it's less than a year to completion and I can do the housework then. ;)  The footprints illustrate where the cats like to sit. I don't know why but they have taken a real liking to 'Discovering Statistics using SAS (and sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll)'. Yes, that is the full title. Someone is trying to sex up statistics, how cute.

I hope your week is starting well!  From what I've seen on Facebook, on blogs and heard from personal communication, there seems to be a lot of sickness going around right now - on both sides of the world. For anyone that has the bot, you have my full sympathies.
As you know, I had it two weeks ago and I'm sure I whined enough to adequately
communicate how awful it was. :-/

Rest up, don't try to be a hero (looking you, Kek), the world will wait. XX


Caffeine Wean: This week 4 espresso on M,W,F,Su 
and 3 on T,Th and Sa.


  1. I did go to work today,but I was very unproductive and almost totally useless. I do wish you'd blogged earlier; I might not have wasted my time had I read your wise words this morning.

    Sprouted buckwheat? Hmm. Must pick your brains about that.

    1. Here they are saying that we are in an epidemic that is rivalling the swine flu and is sometimes as bad. I can't remember a year where I knew so many people sick, all at the same time and in so many different countries... conspiracy theory brewing...

  2. My dogs like sitting on top of my laptop!
    Or the keyboard when I'm trying to use it.
    Luckily I have not caught any bugs so far this winter.

    1. That's right, you have some little dogs! They are so funny. Mum has a three legged cat that goes crazy smooching the side of the monitor when you use the laptop. she has to be put out because you just can't facebook with the screen moving so much!

  3. YUM love sprouted buckwheat, one of my favs! We sound like sprouting-sisters for sure. Thanks for all the tips RE candida... feeling better today!

    Hehe, little kits... my dog likes to sit at my feet. Keeps them warm.


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