Monday, July 09, 2012

Vegan Brownies and Out to Lunch

I've had the hard word. I do own a nice camera and am no longer allowed to offend The Programmer's eyes by only using my phone for blog pics.

Except when out for lunch.

Salmon Caesar Salad at Mosaic
which doubled as chocolate brownie investigative research

The brownie mission is progressing, but I can't get that 'firm on the top, gooey in the middle' effect. Yet.

Does anyone know the trick to that? 

The effect I am achieving is pretty good though. Fudgy, chewy. I made a batch of vegan cranberry chocolate brownies yesterday that are really, really good. And then argued with my camera over the correct settings for the shot.

The main problem may have been too much coffee - in me, not the brownies. Excellent focus requires steady hands, who knew?

They are not quite sweet enough or chewy enough yet. I need to revise again before delivering the recipe. Sorry.

It's almost there.

What do you think makes a good vegan brownie? more sugar? date paste? melted chocolate? rum? what?


  1. Try unsweetened applesauce for moistness! Or black beans... I'm serious. As for sweeteners I've had success with agave nectar, maple syrup and unrefined cane sugar. They *look* divine! Can't wait for your recipe!

  2. I love black bean brownies - super fudgey!

  3. I have an idea... why don't you BOTH bake me some so I can test it. :D Seriously.. I'm a bit nervous about 'black beans' and 'brownies', but everyone keeps saying its ok. I just... it's BEANS, hey.

    1. Do it! Try Mama Pea's recipe:

      I used vegan cane sugar (not stevia). My kids LOVE these and I do, too. They could NOT be easier to make. I think you'll be impressed, my dear! Give it a go!

  4. I have no idea but I'm pretty sure Bethenny has a vegan brownie recipe in her book? Have you looked at Chocolate Covered Katie? She has squillions of vegan recipes.

  5. Anonymous11:22 pm

    .thanks for sharing


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